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Monday, May 20 2013 | 00:32
Image: 1581042 Peering over the edge of their second year, Program is re-engaging with some of the acts they broke last summer for some equally impressive follow-up releases. Kove is the first to return to the label. A talented tattooed tearaway with a taste for both the blazing beats and the deeper side of the dance, both cuts on his Program debut - ‘Iodine’ and ‘Open Ground’ - became instant 2012 dancefloor standards, championed by key players across the board.

‘Gone’ continues his promising audio armoury with distinct maturity. Breathy and breezy, its stunning depths become apparent from the very first fluttering pad. Coated in a beautifully underplayed vocal hook, ‘Gone’ rolls with blistered bass grace as staccato kicks and snares puncture the otherwise dreamy ambience… And the groove masterfully develops with timeless dancefloor dynamics. Rolling but never quite rampaging, it represents everything that you fell in love with drum & bass in the first place: subtleties, sophistication and just a slight sense of pensive menace.

‘Airlock’ follows. Allowing the vocal to play more of a dominant role in the mix, it’s Kove at his most yearning and poignant. Opening with a blast of minor key euphoria, the skippy, snappy breakbeats take complete control of the groove, bowing a big nod to drum & bass’s most formative period. Stark and solid, warm and rolling, as ‘Airlock’ develops we’re treated a fine balance of cruising synth washes and laidback guitar licks as the vocal whistles deep in the well-textured mix. If you’re looking to hypnotise your floor any time soon then look no further… This will have your crowd locked in tighter than a state penitentiary.

Once again, it’s time to get with the Program! Available from 29.04.2013
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