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Sunday, May 19 2013 | 18:32
Image: 1580279 Continuing the ever-successful New Blood series into the year 2013 and beyond is the next instalment of fresh cuts from a whole new generation of Med School undergraduates. Featuring the undiscovered stars of the future, ‘New Blood 013’ brings together a collection of sounds from the underground and presents them as a compilation album that will impress D&B specialists from across the board.

‘New Blood 013’ boasts a diverse tracklist and although it is predominantly D&B, there are some half-time tracks, dubstep, downtempo and experimental rhythms which makes for an expansive and genre-crossing listen. From the blissed out soundscape and whispering in Etherwood’s “Unfolding” through the glitchy experimentalism of Bakai’s “Kaikaki” and the moody murkiness of Minor Rain’s “Plasticity” to the incredible textures of Joe Ford’s “Frozen Sound”, there is plenty to discover across the 14-track album.

Featuring some more familiar names such as New Blood 011’s Anile, Blood Pressure’s TwoThirds and Barefoot, tech-heads Optiv & CZA, the elusive Mr Sizef from St Petersburg, the ever-promising Etherwood and Joe Ford, there are, as always with a ‘New Blood’ album, a host of lesser known artists who are names to watch for the future. Expect the unexpected and you might be prepared for ‘New Blood 013’ and its epic array of new talent.

The launch party for ‘New Blood 013’ will take place at Fabric, London on Friday 22nd March where you can catch: London Elektricity (Med School Set), Joe Syntax, Lung, Etherwood, Joe Ford + MCs Ruthless, Juma Phist.

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LP Tracklisting:

A1. Etherwood – Unfolding
A2. Anile - Another Year
A3. Mr Sizef - The Second Before Snow Turns Into Water
B1. Minor Rain – Plasticity
B2. Dexcell - Don't Look Back
B3. Keeno + Whiney – Isokime Available from 29.04.2013
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