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Sunday, May 12 2013 | 21:30
Image: 1580422 500 copies ONLY !

MC-turned-producer extraordinaire SP:MC has announced his most expansive release to date, the four-track Declassified EP, which will be released through Tempa on [DATE]. SP:MC has a rich and varied history in bass-driven UK music. He started off as a drum & bass MC working with labels such as Shogun Audio, Exit and Autonomic. Later he began producing both minimalist drum & bass and dubstep tracks, has released some of Tempa's best loved 12"s to date, and has collaborated with with Breakage, Verse, Youngsta and LX One, among others.

All those foundational experiences can be heard in his approach to dubstep, which blends the futuristic impulses and perpetual motion of drum & bass and Detroit techno with dubstep's intense focus on sculpted low-end pressure. Sci-fi signifiers are everywhere on the Declassified 12", making for a dark and dystopian listen: the title track and 'Launch Code' meld chrome-plated percussion and spacecraft engine roar to rhythmic sub-bass, and 'Air Lock' matches its name, its gaseous hiss and lurching percussion evoking sensations of being plunged into zero-gravity. The package is rounded off with 'Kenshin', a fearsome collaboration with dubstep figurehead Youngsta. Possibly the starkest and frostiest thing either has put their name to, it's driven by jungle-ish bounding sub-bass, which leaps wildly around the track's spring-loaded rhythms. The result is a formidable EP that shows off the power and intensity of the sound that SP:MC has gradually been honing over the past few years.


1 - Declassified
2 - Air Lock
3 - Kenshin (SP:MC & Youngsta)
4 - Launch Code
Available from 22.04.2013
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