Friday, May 10 2013 | 15:30
Image: 1580010 LIMITED RSD RELEASE! This Rough Guide is a psychedelic treat that is full to bursting with far-out Brazilian grooves. Discover cutting-edge explorations by artists like Tom Zé and Laranja Freak , then dig deep into the archive and let loose to the retro vibrations of Quintal De Clorofila and José Mauro. Next, revel in one of the first ever reissues of the track 'Renata' from a rare 1970 EP by offbeat psych-garage band, Liverpool.

* 180 gram limited edition LP
* Includes a FREE download card allowing you to download the full album to your portable music player
* Download card with extra psychedelic Brazilian tracks as well as a FREE bonus album - A Sétima Efervescência by Jupiter Maça
* Western psychedelia meets traditional Brazilian musical styles with incredible results
* Brazilian music influenced by the psychedelic sounds of the Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Byrds etc
* Appealing to fans of 1960s rock and psychedelic music
* An album of 1960s classics through to Brazil's modern psychedelic innovators
* Featuring the legendary Tom Zé -godfather of the tropicálía movement
* A must have album for fans of Os Mutantes

Side A

01 Laranja Freak Alergico De Flores 03:37
02 Tom Zé Uai-Uai - Revolta Queto-Xambá 1832 03 :43
03 Siba Cantando Ciranda Na Beira Do Mar 05:04
04 Quintal De Clorofila Jardim Das Delicias 03:55
05 Lula Côrtes Nordeste Oriental 02:54

Side B

01 Baby Do Brasil O Jarro 04:37
02 Liverpool Renata 02:43
03 Lucas Santtana Cá Pra Nós 02:34
04 Graveola Lindo Toque 03:22
05 José Mauro Obnoxious 03:52

Free Download Card With Extra Music
Download extra Psychedelic Brazil tracks plus bonus album by Jupiter Maça.
Available from 20.04.2013
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