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Thursday, May 09 2013 | 09:29
Image: 1578814 In the style of Steinski, Coldcut and classic DJ Shadow comes this cut up party hip hop track from Homebreakin's Punchout imprint. Chock full of samples and creative energy. B/w the Parliament sampling 'Under The Sun' and the short 'Do Those Beats'. Retro-styled color label art. Don't miss!

Punchout! busts forth with a brand new 7“ single from The Gaff, renowned Canadian crate-digger turned international beat-wrangler. As a walking encyclopedia of all things funky, The Gaff’s record collection and knowledge has awed other like-minded rhythm purveyors such as DJ Nu-Mark, Cosmo Baker, and Fort Knox Five. With access to such a deep inventory of musical history it’s no wonder that The Gaff’s DJ sets and production work have also inspired much acclaim from his fans and contemporaries. The Gaff consistently offers a party
rockin’ collage of snippets, samples, and drum breaks from dusty vinyl sources, splicing the familiar into something new and always ready to hype the dance floor. This latest single is certainly no exception, with two rousing cuts filled with sounds so hot they just might ignite the more flammable turntables.

”Do That Thing“ pops and locks through a lethal groove, with classic phrases and samples bursting out so fast it’ll make the listener’s head spin quicker than the record’s 45 RPMs. There’s also a beats-only version here to entice the DJ to come prepared with doubles. Meanwhile, on the B-side, ”Under The Sun" flips and reconstructs The Mothership into a filtered, funky stomper that will launch any worthy block party into the upper reaches of the atmosphere. Grab hold tightly ... The Gaff represents! Available from 19.04.2013
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