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Sunday, May 05 2013 | 21:30
Image: 1580138 The music is certainly special enough but as the icing on the cake each 12” Is personally handstamped and handnumbered by Fracture himself! These are ultra limited in issue to a mere 500 …..this is certainly a release that won't be available for long ..In fact if they make it past a day we'll be very surprised ! So don't hang around!!! If you do you will almost certainly miss out on another piece of Metalheadz History.

METHXX02 Welcomes Astrophonica's own Fracture to the Metalheadz camp with an incredible Limited Edition 12”, featuring the tracks “Better than Tomorrow”, and “Gangbusters” ."

We would usually sum up the 12’ in our own words but we believe Goldie’s own comments to Fracture upon first listen of the lead track probably do the release far more justice than we could!

Whilst sat on a plane to Australia last year Goldie immediately fired off the following comments to Fracture himself to express his overwhelming approval of the Music ….

“Im pulling out my teeth wanting to beat the guy next to me with a Snare and 10” dubplate !!!! This is one of the most original things I've heard in a long while! I HAVE to have this on Headz!!”

So there it is ….!

Goldie’s long standing A&R abilities go without question, the whole foundation of the Metalheadz label is built on them, so with comments like these it goes without saying that the release is certainly something special and an essential addition to your collection!

If that wasn’t enough, backing up the A side to equal measure on the flip side is “Gangbusters”

This sees Fracture continuing the theme of last years hugely acclaimed “Get Busy” with a return to his unique signature blend of break arrangement underpinned perfectly against a huge low end backdrop of pulsating 808’s. The success of The Metalheadz label has been built on representing the absolute pinnacle in future Music with unrivalled quality and Gangbusters is exactly that, an outing from Fracture that highlights everything that is so good about electronic music that continues to ever expand the envelope.

With content as special as this is we felt that it was only right that we reflected this in its presentation. Available from 15.04.2013
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