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Monday, Mar 18 2013 | 14:18 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Frankie PaulOne cannot understate the importance of the late Dennis Brown to the world of reggae. At his funeral in Kingston in 1999 then Prime Minister P.J. Patterson spoke as part of the three hour tribute to a great man’s life, commenting that “Over the years, Dennis Brown has distinguished himself as one of the finest and most talented musicians of our time. The Crown Prince of Reggae as he was commonly called. He has left us with a vast repertoire of songs which will continue to satisfy the hearts and minds of us all for generations to come.” From this great cannon of work, and with respect, Frankie Paul is honored to present this collection of some of Dennis Brown’s best material.

Despite passing at a mere 42 years of age, Brown’s career as Jamaica’s leader in lovers rock ran for more than 30 years and at least 75 full length recordings. You’d have to search long and far to find a better performer to curate such an overview of a great artist’s legacy than Frankie Paul. Sometimes known as the “Jamaican Stevie Wonder”, at the onset of his career Paul’s soulful vocals were often compared to Brown; a comparison no Jamaican artist at the time would find anything but complimentary.

From “No Man Is An Island” which Brown recorded for Sir Coxsone Dodd at a mere 12 years of age through to ’82’s “Love Has Found Its Way” with many other stops on Brown’s musical map this set finds a reggae great honoring the tradition of a reggae great: and of course, with respect.


01. Love Has Found It’s Way
02. No Man Is An Island
03. Baby Don’t Do It
04. No More Will I Roam
05. What About The Half
06. Changing Times
07. Concentration
08. Revolution
09. Satisfaction
10. Oh Girl, You’re My Inspiration
11. Africa
12. Sitting And Watching
13. Cheater

The album Frankie PaulRespect – Original Songs By Dennis Brown” (Boom Shot Records) has been released March 15, 2013.

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