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Tuesday, Jan 29 2013 | 13:48 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

D E N AD E N A is Denitza Todorova, a Berlin-based songwriter and vocalist hailing from Bulgaria – the southeastern corner of the Balkans. Since moving to Berlin in 2005, she’s been seriously honing her self-composed beats and observant-yet-positive lyrical style. D E N A’s been praised internationally for her unique and fresh flavour, making her an up-and-comer worthy of her recent attention.

D E N A’s style is influenced by 90’s pop/hip-hop and R&B via the tunes of Destiny’s Child, Salt N Pepa, J Dilla and A Tribe Called Quest mixed with an appreciation for electronic/dance/house such as Moody Man, Crystal Waters and Theo Parish. The phenomenon of Bulgarian Chalga music also plays a role in D E N A’ s experimentation. Rooted in folklore, but remaining a large part of modern Balkan pop, Chalga has been a ubiquitous and controversial presence in Bulgaria for decades. D E N A turns the genre on its head by creating contemporary remixes with age-old Balkan beats and melodies. By combining her own-world investigations with her firm stance on the importance of keeping it real, she’s asserted herself as a unique member of Berlin’s creative scene. D E N A continues to be inspired by and connect to the creative vibes of the city without forgetting where she’s come from and who she is.

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