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Monday, Dec 10 2012 | 14:32 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Dominik EulbergIn the early morning hours you might happen to run into Dominik Eulberg at a lake shore thatched with reeds, standing there all by himself with his telescope. There, where nobody disturbs him, he follows his hobby: to observe birds. If the passionate ornithologist is for once not on the tracks of his feathered friends, he sits on the computer and produces technomusic.

The beautiful German region Westerwald is the place where Dominik Eulberg was born in 1978 and grew up in accord with nature. Years later he ends up in the city of Bonn where he starts studying ecological geography. Besides music, nature is the most important thing for him and also provides inspiration for new songs. All kinds of sounds of nature set out the repertoire of sounds in his songs and give an organic, vivid character to his tracks. From croacking of frogs to cackling of birds, Dominik Eulberg always finds enough room for singing animals in his songs. That can be seen clearly if you look at some of his track titles, such as for example “Basstölpel”.

Dominik Eulberg’s fascination for electronic music starts at a very young age. When with friends, he always listens attentively to the mysterious sounds of the radio show “Clubnights” with Sven Väth. Once under the spell, he cannot get the music out of his mind, and at the age of 15 he starts buying records and learns to deejay. From the very beginning he gives his attention to innovative, experimental records. In 1995 he buys himself his own equipment in order to give free reign to his creativity and to start appearing as a live act. His first publications appear on Matthias Schaffhäuser’s label Ware and on Raum..Music, a label settled in Frankfurt. Then he meets Riley Reinhold and Jaqueline Klein and a fruitful collaboration arises on the labels Traumschallplatten and Trapez. That is where his first album “Flora And Fauna” is published. Further releases on Platzhirschschallplatten, Cocoon etc come along.

Eulberg has also made a name for himself as a remixer, and in the course of that has put noted artists through the acoustic hoop such as for example Hell, Roman Flügel, Le Dust Sucker, Tiefschwarz, Einmusik and Nathan Fake.

Dominik Eulberg Top 10 December 2012:

01. Robert Clouth – Sifting Through Static (Traum)
02. Answer Code Request – Untitled (Marcel Dettmann Records)
03. Gabriel Ananda – Rims And Prophet (100% Pure)
04. Andy Stott – Up The Box (Modern Love)
05. Four Tet – Lion (Jamie XX remix) (Text Records)
06. Lake People – Point In Time (Krakatau)
07. Sawlin – Posay (Cocoon Recordings)
08. kLaus – Phi (TNM001)
09. Kamikaze Space Programme – Herbert Shovel (Deca Rhythm)
10. Roll The Dice meets Pole – Echo Hands (The Leaf Label)

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