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Monday, Nov 19 2012 | 17:10 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Le Pop 7Here it is, the new “Le Pop”, right on time for the 10th anniversary. Le Pop, the series for francophone music and contemporary chanson, is more than just a compilation series. Up to now, Le Pop has introduced more than 70 different artists, many of whom subsequently have released albums abroad. As the perfect entry lane for French and Franco-Canadian acts as well as an essential update on the new chanson scene, the series has become indispensable. And unlike many other compilation series, Le Pop still proves a recipe for surprises. Because today, the scene it illuminates is even more vibrant than it was in its early days.

“Trend with a firm footing” – that’s how we described the first wave of the francophone scene, and it still holds true. Four artists already known from the now legendary first Le Pop – Françoiz Breut, Mathieu Boogaerts, Thierry Stremler and Dominique A – now reappear on Le Pop 7, letting us trace their musical development. With “L”, Brigitte, Lescop, Salomé Leclerc, Liza Manili and Damien, six new names are presented on Le Pop 7, and this will definitely not be the last we hear from them. The scene is very much alive and continuously spawns new talent, sounds and musical innovation. With Le Pop 7, the list of artists who have succeeded in winning an audience outside of the Hexagon in the non-French speaking world – such as Camille, Breut, Cœur de pirate and Dominique A – will once again become a little longer.

The musical selection matches the vitality of the scene. Many danceable tracks, lots of uptempo, euphoria galore. Young artists today, such as Liza Manili, Lescop or Ludo Pin, are no less influenced by the French 1980s with its synthpop icons like Etienne Daho and Indochine than by the much cited 60s with Gainsbourg, Hardy, Becaud et al. The productive embrace of French pop and chanson traditions while taking up contemporary global pop trends create a new and unique blend, stimulating and invigorating the genre. Once more, Le Pop 7 is filled to the brim with this. Light, nimble songs like Thierry Stremler’s meet lasciviously swinging Brigitte; cool, new-wavish Lescop is flanked by indie dancefloor hits by singers Liza Manili and Barbara Carlotti. Françoiz Breut, so far better known for beautiful, balladic chansons, here adopts a laid-back groove (“Michka Soka”). Damien’s avantgarde pop (with Chilly Gonzales at the piano) and Camille continue what once made Dominique A (here represented with his magical “Quelques lumières”) the pioneer of his generation. And Mathieu Boogaerts and Fredda submit elegant, catchy gems of songs that subtly yet effectively smooth their way into your ears.

Here’s what label owners Oliver Fröschke and Rolf Witteler say about Le Pop 7: “Our selection, as always, is extremely subjective. We do not take our cue from the playlists of French radio stations or from whatever hype the French press happens to be spreading. It’s the ‘Vue de l’exterieur’ (S. Gainsbourg), the outside view, that has always been the strength of our series. French people actually keep telling us that a compilation like Le Pop could never come about in France. For us, every new Le Pop is an exciting challenge – to pick from this rich, bustling scene a selection that adequately reflects the variety and exuberance of contemporary chanson. And to create a stylistic whole out of 16 tracks by 16 different artists – a new album that will stand for itself.”


01. Brigitte – Battez-vous
02. -L- – Jalouse
03. Thierry Stremler – Et pourquoi pas?
04. Fredda – Pas de jour
05. Barbara Carlotti – Quatorze ans
06. Lescop – La forêt
07. Françoiz Breut – Michka soka
08. Salomé Leclerc – Partir ensemble
09. Alexis HK – Je reviendrai
10. Camille – L’étourderie
11. Ludo Pin – Le temps nous dira
12. Dominique A – Quelques lumières
13. Liza Manili – Le petit train
14. Damien – Drague
15. Mathieu Boogaerts – Avant que je m’ennuie
16. Coeur de Pirate – Prince-Arthur

The compilation VariousLe Pop 7” (Le Pop Musik) has been released November 16, 2012.

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