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Monday, Oct 22 2012 | 12:03 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

AudioOver the years, drum & bass has seen literally thousands of record labels come and go. But amid the seemingly infinite imprints that have provided an outlet for the music, very few can claim to have had anywhere near the influence of the mighty Virus Recordings.

Ed Rush & Optical, alongside fellow ‘tech step’ luminaries Matrix, Trace, RymeTyme and later Bad Company and Cause 4 Concern, layed down the Virus template on timeless tracks such as “Gasmask”, “Watermelon” and “Medicine”, as well as LPs “Wormhole” and “Sleepwalk”, and within just a couple of years had a seismic influence on the sound of drum & bass.

2012 has been a vintage year for Virus with the release of Optiv & BTK’s highly acclaimed “Dirty Tricks” LP, now comes a second instalment of precision future-funk in the guise of the completely off the chain Audio, a producer who has earned his reputation as the champion of heavy-weight bass music in all genres. His first LP on Virus, “Genesis Device”, was a huge hit in the scene and established Audio as the one of the best of the best. Part two, entitled “Soulmagnet”, see’s Audio rising to even higher heights, obviously an artist at the top of his game.

Audio’s first experience with electronic music was in the Early 90’s with the Colin Dale and Colin Favour radio shows on Kiss 100. He was instantly hooked, and when, a few years later, the classic “Wormhole” LP on Virus recordings was released, there was no turning back and he embraced the underground family that we know and love as, drum & bass.

“Soulmagnet” is 100% Virus vibes. It stays true to Audio’s undeniably powerful and awe inspiring bass driven style, whilst taking you on a rollercoaster ride through beautifully crafted, diverse and visionary soundscapes, each track representing an aspect of his incredibly diverse ability to create earth-moving dancefloor tunes which effortlessly work on so many levels. This LP is essential listening in drum & bass.


01. Fringe
02. Contraband
03. Vein Drain feat. Insideinfo
04. Creature Comforts
05. Recluse feat. Insideinfo
06. Point Of No Return
07. Headroom
08. Leech
09. Soulmagnet
10. Gamma
11. Recon

The album AudioSoulmagnet” (Virus) is going to be released October 26, 2012.

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