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Friday, Sep 14 2012 | 13:57 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Surinam! Boogie & Disco Funk (1976-83)With an estimate of 500.000 inhabitants Surinam has a lively music scene. Although Surinam is a relatively unknown country, it has a strong influence on the Netherlands where many of the Surinam people have been living since a couple of decades ago. The music from the Surinam is mainly known for it’s kaseko (which evolved out of the traditional Kawina music) and soul music, but the Surinamese have also been active in other genres such as pop, funk & jazz. Most of the Surinamese music is hard to come by, and especially its funk is rare. Because it’s that rare, you can wonder how much of it has been made. The occasional funk tracks pop up on a kaseko or soul album, but full funk albums are difficult to locate. Our aim is to document these lost gems: dancefloor tracks which meet the international standard of ‘good’ dance music. The drive to discover something new has brought us to Surinam and while diggin through these records we found a bunch of crossover tunes resulting in this specialized boogie funk compilation.

The Surinam! compilation features 10 rare tracks within the Surinamese boogie funk genre. Key players from the ’76-’83 era such as Solat, Sumy, Erwin Bouterse, Reingoud and Thunderstorm are all included. The compilation also features extensive liner notes containing in-depth information on all the artists of the compilation. This album will be volume one in the Surinam! series. The other upcoming issues will focus on other the other genres of obscure Surinam music, such as jazz and soul.


01. Alwin Reingoud – Sweet Dream
02. Erwin Bouterse and the Group Roetoe – Disco Party
03. Erwin Bouterse and the Group Roetoe – Groovy Weekend
04. Solat – Try Try Try
05. Solat feat. Billy Jones – You Are Gonna Miss Me
06. Sumy – Funkin In Your Mind
07. Sumy – Going Insane
08. Sumy – Soul With Milk
09. Thunderstorm – Here’s To You
10. Usje Sukatma – Waiting For Your Love

The compilation VariousSurinam! Boogie & Disco Funk (1976-83)” (Kindred Spirits) is going to be released September 28, 2012.

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