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Thursday, Jul 26 2012 | 12:57 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Gregor TresherGregor Tresher began his career as a DJ in Frankfurt in the early ’90s; today, he can be found plying that trade at venues around the world, from Berlin to Tokyo, Sydney to Los Angeles. Following two critically-acclaimed albums credited to his Sniper Mode alias, Tresher broke through as a producer under his own name via his 2005 releases Still and Neon, his remix of Sven Väth’s “Komm,” and his contribution to Cocoon’s Compilation F, “Full Range Madness.”

In addition to releasing tracks on countless other esteemed labels, including Intacto, Great Stuff, Rebel One, Ovum, and Moon Harbour, Tresher launched his own eclectic imprint, Break New Soil, in 2009.

“Lights From The Inside” is the title of Gregor Tresher’s third studio album, following his debut “A Thousand Nights” (2007) and “The Life Wire” (2009). The album’s play of light against darkness and its pervasive mood of melancholy, both underscored by its title, betray a more specific influence on Tresher’s latest offering: The Cure’s Disintegration. As on that 1989 landmark, he aspired to create an all-encompassing sense of atmosphere, as well as a comprehensive album that covered varied emotional terrain. Towards that end, specific set pieces guide the shape and flow of the record: The menacing opener “Shadow Layers”; the concise, ebullient interlude “If Only”; and “Destroy,” a metallic, rumbling closer that concludes the album with an air of questions-yet-unanswered. Tresher aspires to create what another producer once sagely called “music that makes you dance and cry at the same time.” With its simultaneous, synchronized appeal to the feet, head and heart, “Lights From The Inside” succeeds.

Gregor Tresher Top 10 July 2012:

01. Marco Effe – Silly Toys (My Little Dog)
02. Coyu – Paseando Por Lima (Break New Soil)
03. Kernel Key – Omia Tempus Habent (Definitive Recordings)
04. Planetary Assault Systems – Function 4 (Lucy remix 1) (Mote-Evolver)
05. &ME – Everless (Keinemusik)
06. Seph – Unnamed (Dumb Unit)
07. Sam Paganini – Eros (Drumcode)
08. Philip Bader – Getting Lost (Saved Records)
09. Cari Lekebusch & Nima Khak – Steampunk (Hybrid)
10. Gregor Tresher – Papercuts (Drumcode)

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