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Thursday, Apr 26 2012 | 13:06 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Etienne de Crecy“It was a shock back in 1992. That was 20 years ago and I still haven’t recovered from it. It was really powerful and straight to the brain! It hit Philippe Zdar and me at the same time, on a barge in the suburbs of Paris. The party was called ‘Transbody Express’ and the music we discovered that night was the first act of a revolution to come.

First a personal revolution, one that diametrically changed my perception of music and the way I understood it. And then a global revolution. Pop music was totally transformed by the fact that the whole world now had access to production equipment. No style of music escaped the influence of techno. I was lucky enough to live through this revolution and to be able to make my own “small” contribution to it.

I have two different types of fans. There are people my age who discovered house, techno and electronic music at the same time as me. They liked Air, Daft Punk, Alex Gopher, SUPERDISCOUNT and the rest of that pulsating 90s scene. Then they grew older, got a job, had children and stopped going to clubs. Whenever I bump into them, they ask me how I am, what I’m up to and if I’m still making music.

And then there are kids of between 15 and 20 now and got into electronic music through the Bloody Beetroots and Justice. They’re the ones who now go clubbing on a Saturday night. They’ve never heard of SUPERDISCOUNT and when they meet me, they’re surprised to find I’m the same age as their parents!

Admittedly I’ve gone to great pains to confuse matters. I’ve always given out information sparingly and done my best to release my projects at unexpected times, announcing them as obscurely and as elusively as possible. It wasn’t deliberate – I just thought I was doing the right thing!

I’m releasing this retrospective to unite these two sets of fans. People who thought I’d stopped after Tempovision will find out that since the beginning of the millennium I’ve taken a more underground path more closely in tune with the music that lit up my life – techno! And people who were under the impression that my career began in a cube will, I hope, understand the road that led me here.

To give a representative overview of my work, I brought together the most symbolic tracks of the different stages of my career along with remixes I’ve done for other artists and a lot of previously unreleased tracks. For 20 years now I’ve been trying to make our planet a warmer place – especially on Saturday nights! This box set sums up how I’ve gone about it.” – Etienne de Crécy



01. Les Ondes (MotorBass)
02. Le Patron Est Devenu Fou (Superdiscount)
03. Prix Choc (Superdiscount)
04. Am I Wrong (Tempovision)
05. 3 Days Week End (Tempovision)
06. Scratched (Tempovision)
07. Apretime (Ad Renault)
08. Someone Like You (Superdiscount 2)
09. Overnet (Superdiscount 2)
10. Punk (Commercial EP 2) 11. Funk (Commercial EP 2)
12. France (Compilation Great Summer Games Stuff)
13. Welcome (Beats’N’Cubes Live Version)
14. Binary (Beats’N’Cubes)
15. No Brain (Beats’N’Cubes)
16. Ash Sync (This Is The End – H5 Cover Art)
17. Fermeture Definitive (Superdiscount)


01. Air – Modulor Mix (Stein House Remix)
02. Alex Gopher – Gordini Mix (The Lord Of Monza Mix)
03. Lil Louis & The Party – Clap Your Hands (Fremur Mix)
04. Furry Phreaks feat. Terra Deva – Want Me Like Water (Etienne De Crécy Remix)
05. Etienne de Crécy – Prix Choc (Ultra Dark Mix)
06. Dj Mehdi – Breakaway (Etienne De Crécy Remix)
07. Moby – Lift me Up (Superdiscount Mix)
08. Kratfwerk – Aerodynamik (Alex Gopher & Etienne De Crécy Dynamik Mix)
09. Engineers – Come In Out Of The Rain (Etienne De Crécy Remix)


01. Mylo – Paris Four Hundred (Etienne De Crécy Remix)
02. Who Made Who – Out The Door (Superdiscount Remix)
03. Eyerer & Namito – Quipa (Etienne De Crécy Remix)
04. Bumblebeez – Rio (Etienne De Crécy Tech Remix)
05. Cut Copy – Lights & Music (Superdiscount Remix)
06. Adam Freeland – How To Fake Your Own Life (Etienne De Crécy Remix)
07. Keren Ann – Between Flatlands & The Caspian Sea (Etienne De Crécy Remix)
08. The Shoes – Stay The Same (Etienne De Crécy Remix)
09. Taï – Big Bass Drum (Etienne De Crécy Remix)
10. Light Year – Moderation (Etienne De Crécy Remix)


01. 1992
02. Rhodes
03. Right
04. Hoo Haa
05. Duplicate
06. Slap
07. Time
08. TRP
09. DLS
10. Carpenter
11. Trance
12. Rythm & Bitch
13.Trip Pop
14. Alex Gopher
15. Yesman
16. My Mind
17. Good Intro


01. Mothman
02. Rocksteady
03. Mmmmmm
04. Revelation
05. Rising Soul
06. Infinite Funkiness
07. Flute
08. Bell
09. Intro
10. Only One Mind
11. Iggy
12. Hun Gipsy Yeah
13. Kik Sn Bass
14. Positive Radiation
15. Oh Oui!
16. Beatcrush
17. Vocoda

The album Etienne De CrecyMy Contribution To The Global Warming” (Pixadelic) is going to be released May 11, 2012.

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