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Monday, Apr 16 2012 | 12:50 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Wor(l)d Connects Vol. 1“Wor(l)d Connects Vol.1” is a collaborative project between hip hop producer Glam a.k.a. Glammerlicious (Main Concept) and his Munich-based label 58 Beats with Urban Vibes, an urban music series initiated and realized since 2006 by the Department of Arts and Culture of the City of Munich and brought to life with the aid of our partners Matthias Knapp and Die Färberei, a facility run by Kreisjugendring München-Stadt (the association of youth organizations in Munich).

From Pee Froiss and Daara J Family, the pioneers of Senerap from West Africa, where the art of emceeing is said to be born, to Australia’s poetry slam champion Omar Musa, who was touring as support for Gil Scott-Heron in Germany, from Palestine’s Sugar Hill Gang DAM (Da Arabian MCs) to America’s most controversial hip hop duo Dead Prez and their “Revolutionary but Gangsta” fam bro Umi (P.O.W.), from the award-winning alto-saxophonist and versatile MC Soweto Kinch, who – according to The New York Times – demonstrates what “England has to teach about narrative hip hop” to Havana’s old school icon Ulises, who was introduced to us by Pablo Herrera, one of Cuba’s most influential hip hop producers, from Munich’s talented hip hop prince Boshi San and Germany’s unbeatable freestyle king David Pe (Main Concept) to Saian Supa Crew’s bass-baritone rapper Vicelow – various hip hop artists from Munich, New York, Lod/Al-Lyd, Dakar, Havana, Sydney, London, Kinshasa, Paris etc. have been invited to participate in the Urban Vibes program and to work with producer Glam. Finally the 58Beats-man underlined the MCs lyrics in English, French, Wolof, Patois, Spanish, Arabic, and German with his distinguished beats and turned everything into a groovy fusion. And thus the idea of releasing a global hip hop compilation was born and paved the way for “Wor(l)d Connects Vol.1”.

Further transnational cooperations beyond the above-mentioned Urban Vibes-project additionally enrich the album. Being based on the same idea of gathering at Glam’s studio, checking out cool beats and spontaneously starting work on it, the four bonus tracks Who Got The Flavor?, Give It To Me Clearly, Algo Para Creer, and The World Aint Ready have now been newly mixed by Glam and finally found their way into the compilation. Feature guests are: Glam’s long time collaborators Get Open (SibaGiba, Kiambu, VonMeista and Zook), a US hip hop collective from New York, that has opened for artists such as KRS 1/BDP, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers and others, Marie Martin, a French singer, who uses her native Brittany and Spanish roots as her main inspirations between modernity and nostalgia, soul and jazz, Munich’s legend/acrobat of rhymes David P (Main Concept), America’s smoky voice Problemz, DV Khryst, a Brooklyn native who can be heard on De La Soul’s Art Official Intelligence/Mosaic Thump album, Retsam, “Da Prince”, Munich’s underground freestyler Raptile and the German hiphop hero Samy Deluxe. Who Got The Flavor? and The World Aint Ready were originally released on vinyl and are now available on CD for the first time.

“Wor(l)d Connects Vol.1” is also a pulsating piece of ‘edutainment’. It maps that despite all clichés reducing hiphop to a mere ‘blingbling’-style fun pop, independent scenes between Africa, the Arab World, Europe, the US, the Caribbeans, and Downunder have been transforming hip hop into a conscious creative syntax and integrative force.

Following the credo of being “on a mission” hip hop artists sometimes break certain taboos. and M1 from Americas confrontational duo Dead Prez are well known as purveyors of social causes through their music. And Senegalese rappers such as Daara J Family and Pee Froiss are among the country’s loudest campaigners for social justice seeing themselves as street journalists and educators. In the same sense DAM, the first-ever Palestinian rap group, uses hip hop to convey frustrations and hopes of a dispossessed people. They resume: “We say political stuff on the mic and we back it up in our daily life.” Well said: “It’s not about getting rich, it’s about keeping it real.”

So let’s the wor(l)d connect and keep it 100!


01. Pee Froiss & Main Concept – Who We Are
02. Daara J Family – Universal ID
03., M1 (Dead Prez), UMI, Gunman Xu – Keep It 100
04. Get Open & David Pe feat. Marie Martin – Algo Para Creer (Something To Believe In)
05. Omar Musa & Soweto Kinch – Heat it up!
06. UMI – Walk The Walk
07. Problemz & Main Concept – Who Got The Flavor?
08. Main Concept & Get Open – Give It To Me Clearly
09. Pee Froiss – Unity (Sweet Dance)
10. Samy Deluxe, David Pe, DV Alias Khryst – The World Ain’t Ready
11. Ulises Quiñones – Deja El Mareo (Stop The Madness)
12. DAM – Déjà Vu
13. Boshi San, Gunman Xuman, Vicelow … – Bring What You Got

The album 58 Beats Presents:Wor(l)d Connects Vol. 1” (58Beats) has been released April 13, 2012.

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