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Monday, Mar 12 2012 | 12:47 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Music Minus MusicSixteen highly charged currents of latter day electro-magnetic poly-pop, robotic rock & modern day mechanical music. Featuring unreleased electronic music for atari video games, swiss construction companies and low budget eastern film productions alongside unknown and undercover synth driven rarities by members of Can, Hawkwind, Niagara, Soft Machine, Gong & Nucleus.

Compiled from a well travelled DJ bag of inhumane second-class sound by saxonic wax magnet Andy Votel ( Finders Keepers ) including full length tracks from his acclaimed Vintage Voltage mix tape. “Imagine a cartoon where that huge metallic probe that has come to signify touristic Paris sends out a radioactive memory-magnet from the approximate centre of the world map, siphoning the tape maniplulation expieriments of Pierre Schaffer from under the ground and fusing them with the schlager drenched airwaves from Luxembourg, Brussels and Zurich along their journey to Munich via Stockhausens Cologne. Brainwashing pop-history in its dosile infancy. Science Fiction? Pop popped.”

Vinyl & CD include a 16 page booklet with extensive sleeve notes.


01. Suzanne Ciani – Sound Of Wetness
02. Peter Thomas – Evarella 2073
03. Saratoga Surf Messengers – Surf
04. Irmin Schmidt – Endstation Freiheit
05. Brunospoerri – Baustellenmusik
06. Las Trillizas De Oro – Pochoclo
07. Suzanne Ciani – Atari Corporate Tag
08. Ilaiyaraaja – Yaaro Sonnaangalaam
09. Eskaton -automute
10. Klaus Weiss – Jumping Balls
11. Jacky Chalard & Dynastie Crisis – Les Scandales
12. Cybotron – Gods Of Norse
13. Karl Jenkins & Soft Machine – Splot
14. M.Ashraf – Ann Data
15. Guy Boyer – Aventure Et Tambourin
16. Rod Hunter – Apache

The compilation VariousMusic Minus Music” (Fat City) has been released March 9, 2012.

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