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Tuesday, Feb 28 2012 | 13:16 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Minimal Wave Tapes Vol.2This is the second volume of “The Minimal Wave Tapes” series, a collection of rare electronic music compiled from bands around the world. Most of the songs were recorded in the 1980s and originally released on limited edition cassettes or vinyl by the artists themselves, and only a handful of people knew about them. Now they’ve been remastered from their analog source tapes, brought to you by Veronica Vasicka and Peanut Butter Wolf.

The Minimal Wave musical genre was hallmarked by the use of the analog synths and drum machines manufactured in the 70s and 80s, and characterized by simple music structures made by musicians working in the early D.I.Y. aesthetic: recording on tape in their home studios, creating their own album artwork, and often collaborating via postage mail. The fanzine CLEM (Contact List Of Electronic Musicians) was very influential in creating a worldwide community for this sort of music, before digital technology and the Internet came into play.

Minimal Wave the label was founded in New York City in 2005 by Veronica Vasicka, who focused the label solely on obscure Minimal Wave recordings, researching, re-mastering and releasing them on limited vinyl and digital.


01. Hard Corps – Dirty
02. In Trance 95 – Presidente
03. Philippe Laurent – Distorsion
04. Das Ding – H.S.T.A.
05. Subject – What Happened To You?
06. Ohama – The Drum
07. Geneva Jacuzzi – The Sleep Room
08. Antonym – Cinnamon Air
09. Ruins – Fire
10. Ende Shneafliet – Animals From Outer Space
11. Felix Kubin – Japan Japan
12. Class Info – Out Of Line
13. In Aeternam Vale – Annie
14. Aural Indifference – Theme

The compilation VariousMinimal Wave Tapes Vol.2” (Stones Throw) has been released February 24, 2012.

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