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Thursday, Jan 26 2012 | 15:05 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Coeur De PirateBeloved classically trained Canadian sweetheart, Coeur de Pirate, presents her sophomore album, Blonde – which, in French, not only refers to the hair colour but it also translates to “girlfriend” – as she is dwells much heavily on the relationship she has had in her life. Last year she was involved in collaboration with Bedouin Soundclash singer Jay Malinowski for a project titled Armistice. Not only did they produce music together, but throughout working together they became romantically involved. Through the ups and downs of the publically covered relationship, Beatrice admits most of the inspiration for the album comes from current and previous relationships in her past. She said, laughing heartily. “This album is not so much a breakup album as a relationship album. It discusses every single phase of a relationship. For me, it was about a girl who loves a boy and everything that comes with it. And it’s kind of a tribute to the people I have loved. It wasn’t just one boy.”

“Blonde” is a departure from the soft and sweet piano ballads we have fallen in love with, and into the realm of French pop singles reminiscent of the 60s. In an interview with, she explained, “I really wanted Blonde to sound classic,” Martin said. “To me, the ’60s are perfect – in change, in cinema, in culture. And I really like what they did in France as well when it comes to music. You could talk about very intense subjects with very light an d happy music – but the lyrics aren’t so happy.” There is a definite range of styles holding the album together. Songs like “Danse at Danse” and “Les amours dévouées” feel very playful and timeless while others like “Golden Baby” have a more modern pop twist.

The full length 12-track album is submerged into a refreshing retro sound that has been absent in Coeur de Pirate previous releases, displaying Beatrice Martin’s maturity and confidence as an artist. The album was co-produced by Martin along with Montreal super-producer Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, the Dears).

Her new direction is a delight and something most of her fans will embrace, myself included. However, there are still a couple of beautiful, piano driven songs like “Place de la République” and “Cap Diamant” that heavily features her vocals and passion for singing.

– written by The Music Ninja


01. Lève les voiles
02. Adieu
03. Danse et danse
04. Golden Baby
05. Ava
06. Loin d’ici
07. Les amours dévouées
08. Place de la République
09. Cap Diamant
10. Verseau
11. Saint-Laurent
12. La petite mort

The album Coeur De PirateBlonde” (Le Pop Musik) is going to be released Januray 27, 2012.

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