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Monday, Nov 28 2011 | 18:24 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Serdar SomuncuSerdar Somuncu is a hardcore comedian, a connoisseur of radical insults who likes to outrage his public. Somuncu’s act is a celebration of all that is vulgar, salacious, unrestrained. Yet taboo-breaking and showy effects are not Somuncu’s main concern. With his motto “Every minority has the right take offence” he aims to unmask hypocritical consensus and insincere harmony. Somuncu decided early on to be a taboo-breaker. Back in 1996 he took to the stage with commentated readings of Hitler’s Mein Kampf. He didn’t do this just to create a scandal; Somuncu wanted to liberate Germans from their fearful attitude towards the book, from the taboo that it was under, and encourage them instead to have more trust in the power of democratic ideas. “Anyone who laughs at Mein Kampf,” he says, “has understood what a load of nonsense it contains. Anyone who thinks that that’s dangerous, and that people are laughing at the victims, has understood absolutely nothing. It’s the perpetrators I’m laughing at.”

Encouraging Germans to have more trust in the power of democratic ideas: Cover of the English edition of Serdar Somuncu’s commented reading of Mein Kampf. After more than 1,500 Mein Kampf performances before more than 250,000 people, Somuncu, who was born in Istanbul but grew up in Neuss, started work on a new project. He created a show based on Goebbels’ diaries, which was a mixture of taboo-breaking, theatre, and political education. This he followed up with the long-running, eccentrically named show Hitler Kebab, which he toured all over Germany.

Alongside his new DVD The Hate Preacher, which showcases Serdar Somuncu in all his unbridled radicality, the trained theatre actor has written a book with the catchy title The Antiturk, and he produced an album entitled “Dafür Kommt Man In Den Knast”.


01. Pussy feat. Onkel Zwieback
02. Dafür kommt man in den Knast
03. Der Mann mit dem Bart
04. Supermann
05. Comedy
06. Letztes Mal
07. Atemnot
08. Sushi Muschi
09. Friss meine Scheiße
10. Wo willst du hin
11. Rhythmus
12. Tausend Augen
13. Das Mädchen mit den langen Haaren
14. Schnelle Nummer
15. Sag mir deinen Namen
16. Komm zurück
17. Kopftuchlady feat. Carolin Kebekus
18. Tot

The album Serdar SomuncuDafür Kommt Man In Den Knast” (Groove Attack) has been released November 25, 2011.

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