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Tuesday, Aug 30 2011 | 17:13 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

After the apprehended wave of refund demands of the first issue of the compilation “If This Is House I Want My Money Back” (which featured artists like 6th borough project, Walter Jones or Neville Watson) luckily did not arise, we dared to compile number “zwei” almost two years after the first one. Two years, during which the continuing resurrection of house music, and all its children reached its temporary peak. From the East Coast of the U.S and the shores of the Spree to the heart of Spain and Eastern Germany, a bubbling, hypnotic and often moderate-tempo variation of house is bursting onto the dance floors.

The concept of the compilation is very simple: We asked our favorite producers if they could contribute with an exclusive track on the compilation. All of these artists seem to work from very different angles at first glance. But from our point of view, they are all unified through a certain down to earth and back to the roots vision of house music that is more inspired by the time when disc jockeys cut the rhythm sections of the records one after another to create a steamy and sweaty atmosphere through the whole night than the streamlined excrescence of house music that got popular in the era of the super clubs.

So, when we set out with our requests, luckily, almost everyone was up for it and found the time to come up with a new track. And if this didn’t make us happy enough we even got two new pairings of artists who gave their debut on our compilation: Soul Clap and Trickski teamed up for a slow house bomb, which seems quite natural that those two (or better four) got together when you are acquainted with the fact that Soul Clap (who whirled up the dance world in the past 12 month with their r’n’b infused house tracks and edits) always use Berlin as their homebase when they tour Europe and that is lot. The other couple is, Jacob Korn (who also contributed a track for the first volume) together with Cuthead from the Uncanny Valley family straight out of Dresden. Together they morphed to the double-headed mythical creature “Kornhead” who can kill you with a single groove. We can also throw another tag team in the ring: the two brothers from different mothers John Talabot and Pional, who both individually gave us back the faith in new house music that doesn’t sound like clones of the old masters. Talabot created with “Leave Me” one of his most dance floor-friendly productions to date which highlights our DJ sets ever since we got our hands on it. Watch out for his album about to drop this fall! We are also super happy that we could convince the Beautiful Swimmers to make their first release outside of their “Future Times” homebase and Slow Hands, after the success of his track “Rough Patch” on the Wolf and Lamb vs. Soul Clap Dj Kicks, to express his feelings with “Kreuzberg Blues”. Which leads us directly to the big Berlin resident crew consisting of Hunee (who also was part of the gang on the first chapter), Mano Le Tough and Session Victim. All of them impressed us with their latest releases and so we thank them very much for delivering such great music for the compilation. The same is true for our friends from Leipzig Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt, who bewitched us with “Roamer”. This time we also seized the chance to participate in the compilation with our own project “Permanent Vacation” with “Hendiadyoin” (our first track after quite a while) and an edit for the epic “Sightless Brightness” by the ever innovative Contra Communem Opinionem, who releases records at the great Mathematics label and did a remix for Bostro Pesopeo on Permanent Vacation.


01. Pional – Just Passing Through
02. Slow Hands – Kreuzberg Blues
03. Mano Le Tough – Let’s Not Talk About Love
04. Beautiful Swimmers – Excited
05. John Talabot – Leave Me (Friendly Pattern Version)
06. Jacob Korn & Cuthead Aka Kornhead – Ooohja
07. Hunee – A Study In Wild
08. Session Victim – Large Processor
09. Permanent Vacation – Hendiadyoin
10. Contra Communem Opinionem – Sightless Brightness (Permanent Vacation Edit)
11. Trickski & Soul Clap – Members Of The Clap
12. Good Guy Mikesh & Filburt – Roamer

The compilation VariousIf This Is House I Want My Money Back 2” (Permanent Vacation) has been released August 26, 2011.

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