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Monday, Aug 15 2011 | 18:42 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Cavalier aka Agnès is known for his usual deep, dubbed-out minimal techno productions and explore as well more house-influenced rhythms and textures. Agnès runs the Geneva-based label Sthlmaudio Recordings. Launched in 2003, Sthlmaudio has released tracks by Agnès, Puma, Octex, Apoll, Cabanne, Croatian producers Luka & Lazo and lately the Swiss duo Azuni. Agnès also had a well received EP on Cabanne’s Minibar label (“Treat Me Bad”) and upcoming releases in late 2006 on Plak Records, Einmaleins Musik and Perspectiv Records. He has recently started to collaborate with the Zürich based label Drumpoet Community under the moniker of Cavalier. He also released to date two EPs under his Ray Valioso name for Real Soon Records in the UK.

We kindly ask you to play it loud and with a lot of bass in a dark room. Imagine you’ll be riding high! Cavalier album “A Million Horses” with 20 tracks will be released on Drumpoet Community in August 2011 as a double LP (2LP, CD) including the cardboard CD. The CD will be only available with the 2LP. Otherwise digital download.

Liner Notes, Alex Dallas, Zürich, April 2011 (A&R Drumpoet Community and owner of Zukunft, Zurich): “I met this humble, proud and very interesting guy from Geneva, Switzerland almost 10 years ago at a really crazy club which was called Dachkantine in Zurich. From the first moment I knew that this guy is one of the few artists who really just follows his pure and dedicated love for music. No compromising, pleasing and bullshiting – that’s Agnès. A great buddy to party with, an open-minded spirit to discuss and a truly gifted musicproducer, live-act and DJ. Welcome to his world.

Since almost a decade he is pushing the boundaries with a raw, deep and cutting-edge sound which is always refreshing and truly personal. With his very own Sthlmaudio Recordings he has possibly established a new form of house music which is rooted in spaced out dub, bouncy boogie as well as in rough techno and has also released many great tracks on the side for labels like Plak, Ornate, Perspectiv and Resopal to name just a few. The amount of releases is hard to overview as he likes to come up with new project names like Ray Valioso, Benelli or Cavalier. As Cavalier he released in 2008 his first EP for us entitled “Ride ’em”, when we asked him for more tracks to do another 12″, he sent us around 40 tunes with a sound which blew us away. Ron and myself started to play them out, overwhelmed by the energy of his music, we decided to ask Boris to release an album.

Can it go anywhere deeper than this, without losing in any moment the jacking element? So here it is, bump it into your iPhone, play it on vinyl or share it with your friends and hell yeah – dance to it!”


01. Kabardin
02. Uzunyayla (Hallucinatory Narcosis)
03. Yonaguni feat. Torpedoman
04. Franches Montagnes
05. Marwari (Better Days)
06. Napoletano
07. Frederiksborg (What If)
08. Brumby (Low Pembina)
09. Lipizzan
10. Maremmano

01. Appaloosa (Interlude 1)
02. Kabardin
03. Lipizzan
04. Marwari (Better Days)
05. Uzunyayla (Hallucinatory Narcosis)
06. Napoletano
07. Kaimanawa
08. Kentucky Mountain Saddle (Interlude 4)
09. Yonaguni feat. Torpedoman
10. Einsiedler

The album Agnes Pres. CavalierA Million Horses” (Drumpoet Community) is going to be released August 26, 2011.

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