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Friday, Apr 01 2011 | 14:59 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Wolfram from Vienna has been on the forefront of the Italo disco revival since 2005 with his label Diskokaine and productions under his monikers The Diskokaines or Marflow. As Wolfram he is now releasing a true electro disco fireworks with guest appearances of Euro dance legend Haddaway, Holy Ghost!, Hercules and Love Affair, Patrick Pulsinger, Sally Shapiro, Legowelt, Sebastian (Heartbreak/Lex Records) and former Patrick Cowley protégé Paul Parker.

Andy Butler (Hercules & Love Affair) on Wolfram:
When talking about music the term “Euro” is one that evokes strong reactions to music lovers. Needless to say some people think of “La Bouche”, and the desire to dwell any further on the subject ends there. They often forget that Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” or Kraftwerk’s early excursions were the beginnings of that Euro sound. They ignore that Italo disco, Italy’s dancefloor oriented version of new wave and arguably the most vibrant genre of the “Euro” sound, was being played by the most important disc jockeys in the United States from Frankie Knuckles to Larry Levan. Even in the 90’s “Euro-house” and European acid house tracks from labels like ZYX and R&S, were being dropped by the likes of Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. Today, modern American commercial producers are incorporating elements of it with each new single we hear every week. Cue the Lady Gaga record.

Wolfram is a musician and producer (executive produced Sally Shapiro “Disco Romance”) whose record intelligently and lovingly sings the praises of the significant contributions that the Euro sound from those early days of electronic music dance has made on pop music. Wolfram is an aesthete, operating in that Warholian tradition of seeing beyond what is considered by many to be “trash” and finding the beauty in it. The songs are listenable; so listenable, that in a way, listening feels like a guilty pleasure. When truly analyzed and contextualized however, the listening experience becomes a more substantial one- one might go so far as to even say a challenging one.

The approach is a fun and emotional one. There are a host of collaborators; some new – namely Hercules and Love Affair, Holy Ghost!, Patrick Pulsinger, Sebastian of Heartbreak, renowned Dutch producer Legowelt and Johan and Sally Shapiro and some old – namely Paul Parker who is a Patrick Cowley produced cult hi-nrg disco vocalist who reached number 1 in 1983 with “Right On Target” which is still heard in recent dj-mixes of guys like Aeroplane (in their BBC1 Essential 500th mix) and Haddaway (“What is Love”), who really needs no introduction.


01. Hold My Breath feat. Holy Ghost!
02. Fireworks feat. Hercules and Love Affair
03. Out of Control feat. Paul Parker
04. Roshi
05. Thing Called Love feat. Haddaway
06. Norway feat. Sebastian
07. So Fine All the Time feat. Legowelt
08. Teamgeist feat. Patrick Pulsinger
09. Hold My Breath (Sally Shapiro Version)
10. Pianopella + Breathless

The album WolframWolfram” (Permanent Vacation) is going to be released April 1, 2011.

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