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Thursday, Mar 24 2011 | 16:44 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Instra:mental have completed their debut album and there’s no better home for it than their own firmly established label Nonplus. Having made a name for themselves over the last few years as avantgarde, forward thinking producers who set trends instead of following, they lay down a full length album showcasing where their productions are at now rather than being a summary of where they’ve come from.

First off we get a taste of the album on the sampler with electro x juke style tracks “Thomp” and “When I Dip” which have both been savaging dance floors worldwide over the last few months in the sets of DJs such as Loefah, Addison Groove and Benji B amongst others.

Moving on to the full LP we are treated to the complete gamut of Instra:mental’s ability. Tracks like “Aggro Acid” and “Talkin Mono” give us crude analogue acid modulation at its rawest that twists and gurgles across the sound spectrum with mesmeric manipulation, whilst others such as “Memory Implant”, “Waterfall” and “Plok” take us deep into synth arrangements that have become synonymous with their name. Having worked predominantly at higher tempos and made a significant impact on the drum & bass scene in 2008/9/10, most of this album is focused on the 120-140 bpm tempo and they have studied every avenue to seek out new and interesting possibilities for originality within a tempo range that has been so thoroughly exploited over the years. They take elements of eras gone by and revitalise them with the use of old skool equipment mixed with modern production techniques. As usual their impressive hoard of vintage hardware plays an integral part in their characteristic sound. Whether it be techno, dubstep, drum & bass or electro that they turn their hand to, their Instra:mental sound shines through and makes genre irrelevant.


01. Sun Rec
02. User
03. 8
04. Waterfalls
05. Aggro Acid
06. Arc
07. Love Arp
08. Thomp
09. Talkin Mono
10. Rift Zone
11. Plok
12. Delta Zone (Advance)
13. Memory Implant

The album Instra:mentalResolution 653” (Nonplus) is going to be released April 8, 2011.

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