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Monday, Feb 28 2011 | 15:37 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Rykarda Parasol describes her brand of dark and mysterious music as “Rock Noir”. In it, there is a cinematic component that calls up images akin to David Lynch or Alfred Hitchcock giving way to an icy blonde plot. Indeed, the notion of the smart fearless femme fatale is an image that Parasol finds intriguing and one that her low sultry sing/talk seems to embody. Often compared to the likes of Nick Cave, Black Heart Procession and The Velvet Underground, Parasol’s music personifies both swamp and sophistication. A uniquely gender-bending voice, her strength is in delivering Faulkner-like tales with conviction and suspense with Marianne Faithful tones. Her music draws on American rock, soul and southern influences as well as the Northern European styles imparted on to her by her parents (Parasol is Swedish and Israeli as well as a Polish and American citizen). Parasol has previously self-produced and self-released 2006’s “Our Hearts First Meet”. A strong presence on the San Francisco music scene, Parasol continues to write songs based on her true-life occurrences and performs near and far.

Parasol has shared the stage with artists such as Frank Black, Jason Collett (Broken Social Scene), Jolie Holland, the Trail of Dead, and 50Foot Wave. She’s had the chance to work with Blixa Bargeld on one of his stage productions; “Execution of Precious Memories” as well as collaborating with the Bellmer Dolls and German hip hop artists Ancient Astronauts. She and her band have performed at SXSW, The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, The Orange Blossom Festival (Germany), and the Benefit for the Austin Music Network. She has toured within the US as well as a several European tours, which have taken her and her band to Germany, France, Poland, and Greece.

“If Nick Cave had a uterus and was impregnated by Johnny Cash, Rykarda Parasol would be their talented daughter with the low voice.” – Crawdaddy 2007


01. The Road Is Long
02. Drinking Song
03. Widow in White
04. Maggie
05. One for Joy!
06. Hold Back the Night
07. For All Men Kill
08. Covenant
09. My Blood
10. My Spirit Lives in Shadows
11. Je Suis Une Fleur
12. You Cast A Spell On Me
13. No Sir! (Ain’t No Man Gonna)
14. … The Thing They Love
15. Kindness, You’re Killing Me

The album Rykarda ParasolFor Blood And Wine” (Gusstaf Records) is going to be released March 18, 2011.

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