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Monday, Feb 07 2011 | 17:51 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

“The Bird And The Beat” is the title of the new album by DJ, musician, producer and Gomma Records co-founder Mathias ‘Munk’ Modica. 14 electronic funk, futuristic house and indie pop songs that Modica recorded with twelve female vocalists from all around the world. The new album is the logic next step after the previous Munk collaboration on the past two albums with DJ Chloe, Asia Argento, Micky Moonlight (Ed Banger), James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem (on “Kick Out The Chairs!” – the only vocal cooperation Murphy ever did). The album was mixed by Etienne de Crecy, Alex Gopher, and Jan Driver (Boys Noize).

The vocalists:
Lou Hayter from New Young Pony Club/London. Clara Cometti (Paris) is part of upcoming French bands Koko Von Napoo and The Teenagers. Mia von Matt (Berlin) used to do background vocals for Peaches. Sarah Ze – is a 21-year-old upcoming disco princess from Malaysia. Joyze Muniz (Brasil) is a worldwide travelling Tropical DJane and releases own records on Man recordings and Exploited. Pollyester is the supercute Russian girl that plays bass in the Munk live band and does own records on Permanent Vacation. Missy Chariot is an actress from Rome, Amandine Morin a young singer from Marseille. Francy Goertz from Berlin is the voice on La Musica (and on the old Munk hit “Down In L.A.”).

The album starts off like a classic 90ies house record, but quickly develops into a colorful trip into unexpected shades of music. Very sunny and perfect for the summer. Sometimes deep and krauty (“Dort”, “Keep My Secret”), then again influenced by 90ies Italo Pop and Eurodance (“La Musica”, “Kitchen Call”). There is 70ies Street Funk (“Rue De Rome”), sweet frenchy chanson (“Violent Love”) and Brasilian punk-house (“Mis Labios”). In the lyrics, English is mixed with six other languages. In the music electronics meet the funk of Sly Stone, the humor of Frank Zappa, the pop of Trevor Horn and the romanticism of Italians such as Goblin or Morricone. The album is a modern variation of the “girl – producer thing” that Serge Gainsburg and Burt Bacharach. All music – piano, synthies, xylophones, bass, guitars, drum machines, and Asian percussions by Modica.


01. Can I Have Your Attention ?
02. La Musica
03. No Moon (… over Kuala Lumpur)
04. Violent Love
05. Keep My Secret
06. Kitchen Call
07. Mira / Excuse Me
08. Mis Labios
09. Tipsy?
10. Marseille Macheta
11. Rue De Rome
12. So Close
13. A Bored Heart
14. Dort

The album MunkThe Bird And The Beat” (Gomma) is going to be released February 25, 2011.

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