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Friday, Jan 21 2011 | 14:15 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Now-Again Records presents “Tuck In With …” the follow-up album from the best band with the weirdest name. In 2009 Now-Again Records reissued the Natural Yogurt Band’s first platter – “Away With Melancholy”.

In keeping with the rarity of the experimental records that inspired the Band, the original Jazzman Records issue of the album – from just the year before – had been limited to a run of 1000 pieces. Those records quickly disappeared and the Jazzman himself had no plans to offer another helping. The result? An audience searching for psychedelic “music library” vibes from the golden era of the 60s and 70s meticulously recreated in the new millennium were left starved. Well, we fed ’em, and they asked for the next course.

Two years later, the Band (really former Little Barrie drummer Wayne Fullwood and Miles Newbold) presents to you another platter of delights: “Tuck In With …” by The Natural Yogurt Band. With their sophomore album, Fullwood and Newbold serve up more of what made the Natural Yogurt Band’s debut so special: quirky irreverence abounds, but the band has expanded their menu to include a influences from around the globe. This album is presented in double 10″ gatefold LP format, and a “mini-LP” version on CD. Both jackets are paste-on, thick-cut cardboard cases covered by die-cut OBI strips, all placed within a plastic sleeve.


01. Weak Without Wine
02. Invisible Ink
03. Eastern Promise
04. A Romance In Blue
05. Seven And Eights
06. Egg And Spoon
07. Tweed Suit
08. Horn
09. Forever Drowning
10. Pot Head
11. Clocks
12. Psalm
13. Eastern Outro
14. The Sign Of 4 – Fruit Juice For Everyone
15. Biscuits …

The album Natural Yogurt BandTuck In With …” (Now Again) is going to be released February 18, 2011.

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