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Monday, Jan 10 2011 | 15:48 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Once a journalist wrote, listening to the music from Shareholder Tom was like watching a Fatih Akin movie: Germany, as a country, where living together in a multicultural community is fun and furthermore feels damn good.

Indeed it is a motley crew, Thomas Berghaus aka Shareholder Tom brought together in the last years. Many guest interpreter from his second album “Havanna – Asmara, via Colonia” could already be carried on his debut record “Emotional Value” from 2009: For example the Eritreer Fijori (Rita Gabir), who lives near Munich; jazz singer Alison Degbe with roots in Karlsruhe, Germany, and Ghana; or the Londoner MC Travis Blake, whose family immigrate to the UK from Jamaica. Friendships prospered between the artists joining the first album, thus they all got together again for working on the second Shareholder Tom record “Havanna – Asmara, via Colonia”. It’s a musicial trip around the world, where everything seems to be possible: an MC from London raps to a Cuban mambo in a straight Cockney-English (Feel Music, Love & Hate). Or Berghaus brings in an Afrobeat-inspired instrumental track in Fela Kuti style with exclusively Cologne musicians (Stopover Abeokuta). Without further ado exactly this song was remixed by Sosue, also a Cologne DJane (Sosue Soulkomplex RMX). Just like on the debut, the linguistical journey leads to Asmara, the capital of Eritrea (East Africa): Fijori recorded two songs (“Lomi” and “Rechibejo”) in “Tigrinya”, the national language of Eritrea. Obviously Berghaus also knows no bounds concerning music. And therefore the album ends with a house remix, brought in by Alex B. Groove, a DJ and producer who is now living in Colombia.

The current Shareholder Tom album will be the seond record release on Büro.9 Music, Berghaus’ own Label. Büro.9, that’s also the name of Thoms Berghaus’ publishing company, where he works as publisher and editor of the soul/jazz/funk-mag Uptwon Strut, which appears four times a year.


01. Itchy Feet
02. Send My Tears feat. Alison Degbe
03. Feel Music, Love & Hate feat. Travis Blaque
04. Stopover Abeokuta (Sosue Soulkomplex RMX)
05. Love Leaves You Blue feat. Alison Degbe
06. Sorry – A Brief Affair feat. Travis Blaque
07. Stopover Abeokuta
08. Lomi feat. Fijori
09. Rechibejo feat. Fijori
10. Love Leaves You Blue feat. Alison Degbe (Alex B.Groove RMX)

The album Shareholder TomHavanna – Asmara, Via Colonia” (Büro.9 Music) is going to be released February 4, 2011.

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