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Monday, Jan 03 2011 | 19:14 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

A deluxe four CD set assembling the complete works recorded by Dennis Brown for legendary producer Joe Gibbs. The two classic albums “Visions” (1978) and “Words Of Wisdom” (1979) are complemented by two discs of 26 classic singles for the Joe Gibbs empire entitled “Reflections” and “Town And Country”!

Packed full of the reggae anthems that made Dennis Brown not just only the the favourite singer of Bob Marley, but also dubbed him as ‘The Crown Prince of Reggae’ in the 70’s. Highlights of tracks including “Money In My Pocket” (in two different versions), “Concrete Castle King”, “Poor Side Of Town”, “Stop The Fussing And Fighting”, “Three Meals A Day” a.o. This is a not to be missed set lovingly assembled. Comes along with liner notes from reggae historian Noel Hawkes!

Dennis ‘Emmanuel’ Brown – born 01st of February 1957 – r.i.p. 01st of July 1999 – his music will live forever!


CD1 – Visions

01. Deliverance Will Come
02. Oh Mother
03. Love Me Always
04. Concrete Castle King
05. Malcolm X
06. Repatriation
07. Jah Can Do It
08. Milk And Honey
09. Stay At Home
10. Say What You Say

CD2 – Words Of Wisdom

01. So Jah Say
02. Don’t Feel No Way
03. Words Of Wisdom
04. Should I
05. A True
06. Ain’t That Loving You
07. Cassandra
08. Love Jah
09. Black Liberation
10. Rasta Children
11. Drifter
12. Money In My Pocket (1977 Version)

CD3 – Love’s Goota Hold On Me

01. Souls Keep Burning
02. Let Love In
03. Your Love’s Gotta Hold On Me
04. Right Fight
05. Hooligan
06. I Can’t Stand It
07. A Little Bit More
08. Man Next Door
09. Rolling Down
10. Created By The Father
11. Three Meals A Day
12. Open Up
13. Come On Little Girl
14. I’m Coming Home
15. Your Man
16. Why Baby Why
17. Historical Places
18. Love Has Found It’s Way
19. Tell Me You Love Me

CD4 – Reflections

01. Money In My Pocket (Original Version)
02. When You Are Down
03. Let Me Live
04. Pretend
05. Don’t Expect Me To Be Your Friend
06. Play Girl
07. Smile Like An Angel
08. Poor Side Of Town
09. We Will Be Free
10. Summertime
11. My Kind
12. Golden Streets
13. Girl I’ve Got A Date
14. Equal Rights
15. Let Me Love You
16. Vine Yard
17. Stop The Fussing And Fighting
18. I Hope We Get To Love In Time

The compilation Dennis BrownDennis Brown At Joe Gibbs (Box-Set)” (17 North Parade) is going to be released January 17, 2011.

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