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Monday, Sep 13 2010 | 12:03 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Detroit rap collective Slum Village seized the underground hip hop scene in the 90’s with their first album “Fantastic Volume 1”. The trio, which then consisted of Baatin, T3, and Jay Dee, united with some of hip hop’s supreme MC’s such as Busta Rhymes, A Tribe Called Quest, and Pete Rock. In 2001, Jay Dee, also known as J Dilla, left the group to pursue a solo career, and Elzhi was introduced. A couple of years later, Baatin fell ill while touring in France and departed. T3 and Elzhi went on to record music together under the reputable moniker Slum Village, before tragedy struck.

In February 2006, after being diagnosed with TTP and Lupus, Jay Dee passed away. Two years later, T3 announced that Baatin would be returning to the group and collaborating on a new Slum Village album. Unfortunately, tragedy struck a second time taking the life of Baatin in July 2009. Through the group’s misfortune, Slum Village remains. “Villa Manifesto”, the latest installment, showcases past, present, and future members at their lyrical best. Judging from the buzz that was created from the digital EP in late 2009, this LP will take its place as a classic in authentic hip hop.

“Villa Manifesto EP captures many of the same elements from Slum Village’s last self titled album in 2005, while still moving them forward. The trio’s ultra-lyrical leg, Elzhi (…) sounds even more confident and motivated than before. Dexterous rhymes continue on “Da Night” where T3, who’s known for a style over substance approach, nearly gives his partner a run for his money. And listeners just can’t help but hear Baatin’s one of a kind voice, flow, and charisma alongside his homie’s like it’s supposed to be”. –


01. Bare Witness
02. Lock It Down
03. Scheming
04. Earl Flinn
05. Faster
06. 2000 Beyond
07. Dance
08. Don’t Fight The Feeling
09. Um Um
10. The Set Up
11. The Reunion Pt.2 (European Version Only)
12. Where Do We Go From Here
13. We’ll Show You
14. Stereo
15. Dope Man (European Version Only)
16. Nitro (European Version Only)

The album Slum VillageVilla Manifesto (European Edition)” (Ne’Astra Music Group) is going to be released September 17, 2010.

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