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Monday, Aug 23 2010 | 14:07 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Syncopix and Jay Rome continue to build their brand new imprint Sync:Saphir with the release of their first album compilation, which is part of the “Sync:Saphir LP” project. Already released on vinyl, Henree’s massive remix of “Fun”, Bionic1’s surrealistic “Love Machine”, Syncopix’ string-ridden “Smile”, and Enei’s bass-heavy “Brick” are of course included in this fantastic, technically sound mix.

The remainder of the compilation is taken up by an octet of masterful, yet very different sounds by Edward Oberon, Heavy1, Joe Syntax, Mr. Sizef, Paul B, and Sobersoul, while Syncopix and Enei come rolling through with a second track for the album.

Mr. Sizef’s “7 Tones Of Melodic” start the mix with lush piano melodies, eventually leading to a more teched-out, tribal feel. Moog-like samples fill the backdrop creating a spectacular genesis to the mix. Following Henree’s “Fun Remix” and Enei’s soul-deep “Brick”, Russian darkness mastermind Paul B debuts on Sync:Saphir with “Bayawak”, a massive technical artwork, bringing together beautifying melodies and his signature techy, minimal sound. Edward Oberon’s “Ain’t It Funny” comes rolling through next, in a smooth liquid style like good Bukem material, alongside angelic vocals, warm basslines and instrumental riffs, before label co-owner Syncopix takes over with “Epsilon Pegasi”, a big tune with an uplifting intro alongside ambiance and a minimal but impactful song structure.

As we enter the second half of the compilation, Bionic1’s sci-fi oriented “Love Machine” makes its presence felt with its dancey dark vibes, making for a phenomenal mix into Joe Syntax’ “Modern Games”, a futuristic stepper loaded with tramens. It would be no surprise that a duo of tracks from another world would lead to a “Riot (in) To Tokyo”, produced by Heavy1. Well-planted bass kicks lead to an almost dubstep-like body, increasing the tempo before wading into Enei’s “Right On”. Melodic symphonies open to an uplifting vocal and minimal bassline. The last two tracks of the mix, Sobersoul’s “To Love” and Syncopix’ “Smile” exhibit the masterful ability of these artists, combining ethereal melodies, sweeping arpeggios and vibes that were created for upcoming spring and summer seasons.

Watch out for the fresh cut video for Smile created by 3st1 Studio coming soon.


01. Mr.Sizef – Seven Tones Of Romantic
02. Electrosoul System – Fun (Henree RMX)
03. Enei – Brick
04. Paul B – Bayawak
05. Edward Oberon – Ain’t It Funny
06. Syncopix – Epsilon Pegasi
07. Bionic 1 – Love Machine
08. Joe Syntax – Modern Games
09. Heavy 1 – Riot To Tokyo
10. Enei – Right On
11. Sobersoul – To Love
12. Syncopix – Smile

The compilation VariousSync Saphir LP” (Blusync) has been released August 20, 2010.

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