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Friday, Aug 13 2010 | 18:14 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

The sun is shining, waves are gently crashing on the beach, birds are chirping – life is good at our quaint resort on Italy’s Mediterranean coast. And good music in the air, soul music, from Northern to Southern, via raw, deep, and modern, with just a touch of funk, disco, hip-hop, house, and electronic eclecticism thrown in the mix.

After quite a while Unique finally delivers a compilation containing in-house tracks exclusively. From late-breaking tunes like Diesler’s “Samba Magic” and Al Supersonic’s “United Nation Of Soul” to Unique classics such as Glen Anthony Henry’s “I Don’t Know” or Eli Goulart’s “Meu Samba” (Nicola Conte’s Bossa Ahead Remix) – there should be something suitable for every taste. Therefore this compilation offers an excellent profile of Unique’s musical spectrum.

And why Bicio Papao? Well, some confirmed Italy visitors might know that event location in Milano Marittima. As an own beach area the Bicio Papao features a wonderful chill-out-atmosphere with ocean view, white sand and light breeze – even stressed press people love to relax in just that atmosphere. At the same time the Bicio Papao is the main attraction for party-loving folks from the neighbourhood or even more far away. Once a year one of Italy’s national heros – Mario Biondi performs at the Bicio and boosts the summer-sun-feeling even more.

A perfect place to just hang out on the other side or on the other side just to dance. So why not doing a proper compilation? Guess that’s what the Bicio Papao owner was thinking after Unique founder Henry Storch visited him for one of his DJ jobs. So there you go – compilation’s finished. Enjoy!


01. Diesler – Samba Magic feat. Laura Vane
02. Eli Goulart E Banda Do Mato – Meu Samba (Nicola Conte’s Bossa Ahead Remix)
03. The Sweet Vandals – You Wanna Be My Lover
04. The Jazzinvaders – Make It Work
05. Osaka Monaurail – Chocolate Buttermilk
06. Al Supersonic & The Teenagers – The United Nation Of Soul
07. Laura Vane & The Vipertones – Such A Squeeze
08. Eli Goulart e Bando do Mato – Espelho
09. Glen Anthony Henry – I Don’t Know
10. Wondertronix
11. Ben from Corduroy presents Fab Guiro! – Come Together
12. Homewreckers – It’s About Time (Rework Album Edit)
13. Glen Anthony Henry – Beautiful Vida
14. Diesler – Reggae Magic feat. Laura Vane
15. Sweet Vandals – Beautiful

The compilation VariousBicio Papao” (Unique) is going to be released August 27, 2010.

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