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Thursday, Aug 12 2010 | 18:43 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

This is the true story of someone who went out to find something without knowing that he was looking for it, someone whose path inevitably had been changed forever before his adult life had even started. This is the story about the colourful life of Namito, one of Berlin’s most influential DJs and producers. Born in Teheran, Iran, in 1971, Namito witnessed the revolution firs-hand when he was starting school in 1978. “I can clearly remember how helpless we all felt. The climax of all the tragedy that afflicted our family was my uncle’s death whose car got into a shooting. As soon as the revolution was over in 1979, Saddam Hussein deemed it necessary to take over Iran which we kids found super-exciting at first.” But then the bombings started, randomly dropped on the city, and this was the reason for Namito’s departure from Iran. Secretly, Namito’s mother had, against the will of the father, obtained a one-way flight ticket, destination: West-Berlin.

“My resistance was futile, and in August 1985, I was sent to live with my uncle in Germany”, recalls Namito. He made it all the way to Berlin via Frankfurt, “scared to shit”, and safely arrived in his uncle’s custody. He was sent to school and quickly learnt the German language whilst his relationship with his uncle got worse and worse. “Parallel to the growing alienation from my uncle, I became totally fascinated by the activities of an Indian guru called Bhagwan, also known as Osho. In 1989, I moved into the commune and lived happily with fifty other people who successfully managed a Ku’Damm discotheque. 1989 was the year in which I decided to dedicate myself to being a DJ”, recounts Namito, who ditched school in favour of his new occupation: “Something I don’t regret at all, until today.” Nevertheless, his auto-efficient education paid off. Until 1993 he had the rare opportunity to play in front of a huge audience three to five times a week, thus gaining a lot of experience. But at some stage, in 1993 to be precise, Namito decided to say goodbye to the commune, and began to travel the planet. He went to South America for three months and travelled as far as Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador. The journey became somewhat of a turning point, as Namito, upon his return, would only immerse himself in electronic music.

It was the right decision; it was rewarded with gigs and residencies in Berlin’s best techno clubs like E-Werk and Tresor. In 1994, Namito had an encounter of the third kind which would pave his way as a producer: Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze affiliate Andreas Grosser, totally unknown to Namito, decided to lend Namito all of his studio equipment, as he believed in his talent.

Two years later, in 1996, he released his first records which brought him a lot of international bookings; his travels took him all around the globe with stops in Europe and Asia. The final breakthrough came after a very special encounter with Martin Eyerer which resulted in a string of amazing productions released on renowned labels like Multicolour, Great Stuff, Systematic and Boxer.

His enigmatic style combines the early energy and positivity of trance with the virtues of techno and house, to create a very unique musical vision. Last year he finally released his eagerly awaited debut album “Eleven” on Martin Eyerer’s own imprint Kling Klong.

Namito’s Greenhorn Charts:

01. Sasse & Martin Eyerer – Swoosh (Monique Musique)
02. Rainer Weichhold – Reis (Carlo Lio Remix) (BluFin)
03. Kaiserdisco – Jaana (Cashmere Remix) (Kling Klong)
04. UGLH & Frederico Locchi – House Gift (Catwash Records)
05. Acumen – Fascinate Me (VIVa MUSIC)
06. Tanov – Revelant (Steve Lawler Remix) (Monique Musique)
07. Alex Niggemann – Take Control (Supernature)
08. Jay Lumen – Bop Doo (100% Pure)
09. Sascha Braemer – The Train (dirtybird)
10. Jim Rivers – 7 Days (Renaissance)

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