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Wednesday, Aug 04 2010 | 16:24 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

At the early age of 19, Filip Dragovic a.k.a Molecular Structures has dedicated himself completely to the world of electronic sounds. As a young classically trained pianist and jazz player, he has the ability to make his tracks musically balanced, but also doesn’t hold back from going into unexplored territories of music and trying out new things. “Memories Long Lost” is an album that blurs the boundaries between drum & bass and classically composed electronic music. Tracks like “Memories Long Lost”, “Emo” (alongside Unquote) or “Sonnenuntergang” (with The Green Man) have an air of filmscores – while “Deeperdation” or “Kersnost” please drum & bass dj’s that go for deepness. His tracks already found the likes of people like Loxy or Blu Mar Ten to name a few.

The Russian scene, based around such names as Unquote or Bop (both signed to medschool and hospital recently), calls some of it “microfunk” – and “Emo” is a perfect example of this new subgenre. “Emo” is also a track very reflective of the musical approach in this album. Other than with some drum & bass and dubstep albums (especially in today scene) Molecular Structures tries to encorporate emotions in his tracks, instead of avoiding them. Especially in the collaborations with the hip-hop influenced Prozoo, under the pseudonym “PMS”, one can definately see the jazzy influences shining through, so that melancholic, as well as dark vibes on this album are also met by soulful grooves and summer sounds. An album that pushes the boundaries of drum & bass, bringing a sound that was anticipated for a long time. Both to be enjoyed at home, as well including as sharp breaks and hard hitting bass that can easily find it’s home in clubs, bringing some of the vibes of the late 90ies, refreshed with a clean and modern production, up to todays standards.

Molecular Structures a.k.a. Filip Dragovic, born on the 21.12.1990 in Duesseldorf, Germany, soon moved to Belgrade with his family. Thanks to his father, who was a music enthusiast he always found musical instruments in the house. Soon, he began his training in classical music, and began his training in jazz drums and music production, before moving to England to study philosophy. The first releases under his pseudonym “2key” in 2008 were followed by signings on more well-known labels such as Loxy’s Xtinction Agenda/CX imprint and the Belgian based Influenza.


01. Molecular Structures – Memories Long Lost
02. Unquote & Molecular Structures – Emo
03. Molecular Structures – Lamb’s Theme
04. Molecular Structures – Autumn Day
05. Molecular Structures feat. Djix & MC Edge – Seeing Sounds
06. Molecular Structures & Prozoo (PMS) – So Good
07. The Green Man & Molecular Structures – Sonnenuntergang
08. Molecular Structures & Prozoo (PMS) – Deeperdation
09. Molecular Structures & Kinetik – Kersnost
10. Molecular Structures – Train Station Thoughts 
11. Molecular Structures – Dusk Till Dawn 
12. Molecular Structures – Odyssey
13. Molecular Structures & The Green Man – Where We Are 
14. Molecular Structures – Lonely Town
15. Molecular Structures, Prozoo & Euphorics – Holiday

The album Molecular StructuresMemories Long Lost” (Basswerk) is going to be released August 13, 2010.

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