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Monday, Jul 19 2010 | 13:22 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

The “Party-Keller” compilation series is a project linked to my constant Munich based club nights. After some short journeys to the Japanese Soultage label (“Soul Jammin’ Vol.3”) and a mix for London based Breakin Bread (“Party-Keller” mix CD), we have finally reached “Party-Keller Vol. 3”.

In the late 1970s direct-to-disc albums were quite popular, since they sounded great and people spent some serious dough on proper hi-fi equipment in those days. We are actually coupling four amazing cuts from three different direct-to-disc albums here: Mickey Erbe’s orchestra interpretation of the “2001” theme (which I’ve played very often in the early Nineties, I almost forgot how good it is), then two superb Gino Dentie’s interpretations of B.T. Express’ “Express” and Brass Construction’s “Movin'”, as well as Rahmlee (Michael Davis) from Earth Wind & Fire’s Phoenix Horns fame, who recorded his crisp “Down In Storyville” direct-to-disc.

I’m seriously taking care of original raw funk for so many years now, and the information network is getting bigger and better all the time. From the growing numbers of serious collectors and DJs who crossed paths ever since, then Peter Wermelinger’s ‘Funk Lexikon’, later the site, and all that bloggin’ nowadays, it’s kinda obvious, that all really good, nose-bleeding, tough OG funk 45s are well known by now. So it was a truly unreal moment for me when I found “Bicentennial Boogie” by Matrix 5 against all expectations on eBay (!), along with the sound file! TUNE! Also there’s Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis with the rocksteady-ish dance track “We Got The Recipe”, a nice 45, which didn’t get the attention in clubs it deserved. Another quite rockin’ tune by an unknown studio band’s make-up, Quiller, who did the “Quiller” theme of the same titled BBC series. The very moment Jan Weissenfeldt (of Poets Of Rhythm fame) dropped that 45 the first time, I was convinced it has to appear in this chapter.

Early this year I’ve had the pleasure to perform at Nick Recordkicks’ night in Milan, where he gave me an advance copy of Gizelle Smith’s fine soul cut “June”, a true winner. Furthermore Bronx River Parkway’s “La Valla” and The Delta Rhythm Section with “King Midnite” are two more extraordinary neo-funk cuts from recent years. Also B.A.Baracus Band’s version of LL Cool J’s “Mama Said Knock You Out” is a unique folk-funk-hip hop blend. All four of them are just too good to remain only on 45 for the collectors.

Talkin’ ’bout hip hop: another one for the good old original va. sampled version game is the fantastic original tune “High Snobiety” by Ralph Marco Band which Ugly Duckling used for their “Turn It Up”. A very decent disco rap tune – “This Party Is Just For You” by Special Touch – is followed by another historical hip hop moment: the supposedly first rap recording from Nigeria: Dizzy K Falola’s “Take It To The DJ” – both from 1981.

Peter Giger & Family Of Percussion did a great job inviting Archie Shepp in 1976 to result with that wonderful, unfamiliar jazz poetry piece “Here Comes The Family”.

We heard so many great versions of “Tighten Up” in the funk scene until now, and the 1971 recorded “Loosen Up” by Nazz is probably the most charming way to close that chapter – and to finish this round of “Party-Keller”. – Florian Keller, February 2010


01. Peter Giger & Family Of Percussion – Here Comes The Family
02. Richard Strauss – 2001 (C.F. Peters Corp. Version)
03. Bronx River Parkway – La Valla
04. The Delta Rhythm Section – King Midnite
05. Quiller – Quiller
06. Gizelle Smith – June
07. Gino Dentie – Express
08. Bo Kirkland & Ruth Davis – We Got The Recipe
09. Ralph Marco Band – High Snobiety
10. Special Touch – This Party Is Just For You
11. Dizzy K Falola – Take It To The DJ
12. B.A.Baracus Band – Mama Said Knock You Out
13. Gino Dentie – Movin’
14. Matrix 5 – Bicentennial Boogie
15. Rahmlee – Down In Storyville
16. Nazz – Loosen Up

The compilation VariousParty-Keller Vol. 3” (Compost) has been released July 16, 2010.

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