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Thursday, Jul 15 2010 | 18:10 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Peven Everett has been dubbed as one of the finest songwriters of his generation, gifted with the ability genre cross from rhythm & blues, soul, funk, rap and contemporary house sounds, his music is timeless! Summer 2010 sees the launch of his highly anticipated new artist album titled “Beyond The Universe” on Tribe Records. This brand new collection of exciting soulful grooves is quite possibly the best to date from this phenomenal artist, a coming of age both musically and spiritually for Peven who has created somewhat of an audio avatar:

“There is a certain clarity available to me that never was before – like the sun is getting brighter. I wanted to create another world of sounds, making the places I dreamt about become a reality, somewhat a perfect world and less earthly bound – hence the album title “Beyond The Universe”.

“Beyond The Universe” portrays a sense of bliss and positivity both musically and lyrically. Its an uplifting tapestry, packed with divine heartfelt vocal performances from Peven who waxes lyrical on love, attraction, emotion and inspiration all served up on a lush platter of feel-good infectious dance grooves: “I felt it important to do so today with so much trouble in the world, we are all looking to the same sky and music keeps people happy and is a substantial foundation that can reach the masses all together”. With Peven having written and performed most of the music on the album, additional production comes from New York House legend and former Motown A&R Timmy Regisford along with fellow cohort Adam Rios who have also remixed the stunning first single Burning Hot. Also featured on the album is upcoming vocal talent Billie Jewell on backing vocals throughout, a lady who is also currently working with Peven on her forthcoming debut album “Bombshell”.

Chicago’s Peven Everett is one of a few in this day and age where he writes and performs almost all of music in the studio as well as multi-tasking on his spectacular live shows worldwide. Coming form a very musical family, Peven was performing from the age of 4 and by the time he was 10 years old was fluent in Drums, Guitar, Bass, flute, piano, trombone and trumpet, and after a spell in NYC where his talent was nurtured by Betty Carter, he has been working in music ever since. Peven was responsible for one of the biggest records in the UK Garage Movement, the now classic “Gabrielle” on XL Recordings (1997). Since then his impeccable work has graced labels such as Nite Grooves, Unified, Soul Heaven and Trippin Records among many, as well as gracing a plethora of compilations worldwide. His current single and debut release on Tribe “Show You Why” is currently being championed by house heavyweights including DJ Spen, Manoo, Franck Roger, Marlon D and more! Peven released his debut album “Studio Confessions” in 2002 on ABB Soul, since then he has written and released “Kissing Game” (Kindred Sprits 2003), “Easy Livin'” (Unified 2005), “Power Soul” (Soul Heaven 2006), and “Party Of The Year” (Trippin Records 2009).


01. Soul Parade
02. Tonight Tonight
03. I Need You
04. Burning Hot
05. Inspiration
06. Poppin’
07. If I Cant See You Tonight
08. Screwed Man
09. Girl Of My Dreams

The album Peven Everett & Timmy RegisfordBeyond The Universe (Remix Edition)” (Tribe Records) has been released July 16, 2010.

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