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Wednesday, Jun 09 2010 | 18:29 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Andy Votel is a lucky man and he knows it. Not least because he manages to balance three or four of his favorite jobs in a vain hope to keep wolves from his door. And not least because he has managed to meet most of his musical heroes and spend precious time in the company of influential new friends. And not least because of he runs one of the worlds most respected re-issue and pop-musical archeology units along side his best friends in his home town surrounded by his family. As from an early morning in march 2009 while excavating turkish market stalls Andy Votel has thanked his lucky stars that he still walks earthly soil. While realizing a true-life diggers dream sequence where all the records you have ever wished for fall at your feet, Votel was sent a signal from another plain. Whilst entangled in headphone cable between an unearthed record deck under the light of an angle-poised lamp The man behind Finders Keepers, Twisted Nerve and B-Music was hit with a 220v reminder that “Digging Is Dangerous”. But in this case we’re not talking about industrial mineshaft accidents or plumbing disasters on building sites Votel’s minor brush with morbidity came from a dodgy wiring accident in the pursual of his next fix of vintage vinyl that left him with two teeth marks on his bloody tongue, a bad neck and most importantly a distinct temporary lack of interest in music …

Having spent a good 3 or 4 years nurturing a penchant for privately pressed ethnic folk music in an attempt to construct a 3rd volume of his acclaimed Folk Is Not A Four Letter Word series Votel had a virtual polarity change. It took a gradual weaning period via a refresher course of European Library music and a total overhaul of his own unkempt collection of several thousand LPs of obtuse and delectable cosmic -pop LPS to finally re-find his Mojo, resulting in a switch-mission and a couple of conceptual re-hab sessions at his B-music residency at Manchester’s Dulcimer Bar under the advertised name Vintage Voltage. Within a few weeks Votel was back on his travels with a brand new bag, hungrier than ever with a distinct unnatural energy boost not-available with a quacks prescription. Working thrice as hard, adopting anagrammatical monikers to facilitate new projects and breaking more new-discoveries than ever The Vintage Voltage Mixtape bears some of the first fruit of this re-charged regime. The Silver Apples Of The Moon?

Batteries Not Included nor required.

The album Andy VotelVintage Voltage” (Fat City Recordings) is going to be released June 11, 2010.

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