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Wednesday, Jun 02 2010 | 13:59 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Drawing from an ocean of influences such as Hendrix’s Band of Gypsys, Swamini Truiyasangitanada’s Monastic Trio, Charlie Mingus, Eric Dolphy, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea, Henry Threadgill, Sun Ra, and Stevie Wonder (to name a few), “Ocotea” is a new frontier for Georgia Anne Muldrow’s sonic discoveries.

She is appearing as Jyoti (meaning light in Sanskrit) in all of her “jazz” recordings to come, paying homage to the great and masterful ancestor Alice Coltrane who gifted her with this name shortly before she ascended into an even higher consciousness. Infused with experimental synthesizers that posses a pan-tonal sensibility, and melodies that soar about with raw musicianship – “Ocotea” is not one to miss!


“She’s incredible. She’s like Flack, Nina Simone, Ella, she’s something else. She’s like religion.” Mos Def

“Georgia is seriously multi-talented and she has such an evident amount of self-confidence that comes through in her music. It would have been very easy for Georgia to get pigeon-holed as an R&B singer by some wack A&R …” NPR

“Her output in the last few years has been nothing short of amazing … You’re bound to be overwhelmed, if not consumed, by her productions and words.” Okay Player

“Soundscapes from Earth itself, airy loops plucked from a wide morning azure above, high-hearted and hyperconscious warbles alive with life and light. She is all of this and more.” URB Magazine


01. The Black Mother
02. Psalm Of The Rubble
03. Thread’s First Stitches
04. The Language Of The Flame
05. Unchained Reverie
06. Stevelander
07. The Captain’s Eyes
08. Blesses Matches
09. Ocotea

The album Jyoti (Georgia Anne Muldrow)Ocotea” (E1 Music) is going to be released June 11, 2010.

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