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Thursday, May 20 2010 | 17:05 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Alexander Pavlenko is a name that might not be familiar to many of you. While those in the drum & bass know may recognise his Sunchase alias. His releases have always lingered on the underground edge and despite clocking up releases on the seminal Moving Shadow, amongst other impressive labels, his music has yet to break through to the mainstream.

All that is about to change as Sunchase prepares to drop his impressive debut album for European label Drone Audio.

“Static Nitro” delves deep into emotive soundscapes, innovative atmospheres and a complete rejection of any kind of drum & bass rulebook.

This album contains music which has been tried and tested by some of the world’s most respected club DJs, you won’t find any neo-jump-up, mid-range-synth driven clangers on it – instead you’ll be washed away by the sheer brilliance of Alexander Pavlenko’s musical talent. A talent that will capture your imagination and take you to places – you remember, just how electronic music used to!

Right from the outset “Restored” pulls you in with sweeping, glassy melodies and light percussive rhythms. The tone for “Static Nitro” is set, and the tone is pure, unadulterated class.

Effortlessly moving between the progressive electro influences of “Keyring”, the pulsating bass of “Phantom” and big club tunes such as “Alluvion”, “Moulded” and “Violet”, Sunchase pulls off a brilliant balancing act – crafting beautiful music that doesn’t get dull.

Throughout the album tracks like the uplifting “Breakpoint” and the impossibly stark “Asphalt” continue to deliver as “Static Nitro” slows time around the unsuspecting listener.

We invite you to stop what you’re doing, slide “Static Nitro” into your CD player, iPod or CDJ and appreciate some innovative, emotive and powerful electronic music.


01. Restored
02. Violet
03. Lapdance feat. Dissident
04. Keyring
05. My Lovely Button
06. Alluvion feat. Electrosoul System
07. Mountain Top
08. Away From Here
09. Moulded
10. Phantom feat. Abstract Elements
11. Breakpoint (CD Version)
12. Fantomas
13. Pushing This
14. Asphalt

The album SunchaseStatic Nitro” (Drone Audio) is going to be released May 28, 2010.

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