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Tuesday, May 11 2010 | 17:33 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Hailing from Denmark, Povo rank among the top names in the international contemporary jazz circuit. Their second album, “The Yellow Of The Sun In You” released by Ricky-Tick Records in 2010, is a vocal jazz feast including the legendary vocalist Andy Bey on four tracks.

The Copenhagen based collective Povo left its mark on the jazz scene with their first releases on the Swedish Raw Fusion label during the early years of the “noughties”. Their debut, “We Are Povo”, reached both club-oriented jazz punters and critics alike. The new Povo release on RickyTick, “The Yellow Of The Sun In You”, adds further dimensions into the sonic palette of Lars Vissing and A-P Andreasen.

Povo have a knack at combining contemporary production with deep tradition-savvy, and their new album clearly shows that the duo is not content with simple labels such as “nu jazz”. Their music has edge beoynd passing trends, and the nexus of the Povo operation is creating music which echoes the timeless qualities of classic jazz with a touch of the “now”.

“The Yellow Of The Sun In You” is not only a triumph of the producing duo and their instrumentalists, but as well that of strong vocalists. A very pleasant surprise to all jazz lovers in the know is the inclusion of the legendary vocalist Andy Bey on bill. Jumping on board with Povo after some steady pursuation, Bey’s previous collaboration partners include the likes of Horace Silver. The soulful vocalist is on top form on four tracks on the album, two of which are Povo originals. Also featured is the Bey-penned classic, “Celestial Blues”, which receives a fresh new reading here by Povo.

Other vocalists include Saidah Baba Talibah and Temu Bacot, both also from the US. Bacot is particularly strong on the suprising cover choice of Bob Dylan’s “It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue”. Another unlikely borrowed tune is Krautrock legend Can’s “She Brings The Rain”, also sung here by Bacot.

When looking at the jazz vision displayed here by Povo, one is bound to note that they aim and succeed in creating contemporary jazz with pleasantly suprising ties to the history of music. Featuring Andy Bey on the production is a stroke of genius in itself, and the rest of the cast doesn’t have a reason to shy away from the spotlight, either. “The Yellow Of The Sun In You” succeeds in a difficult task for any given artist: Povo simultaneously updates their sound and manage to sound like themselves.


01. The Yellow Of The Sun In You
02. It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
03. Try To Use This Argument On Your Bank Manager
04. In The Morning
05. What Not To Do
06. Celestial Blues
07. Instead Of Being Bold About It
08. Freedive
09. Pretentious
10. She Brings The Rain
11. Modern Man

The album Povo “The Yellow Of The Sun In You” (Ricky-Tick Records) is going to be released May 28, 2010.

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