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Tuesday, May 11 2010 | 16:16 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Subz & Matik’s tunes transport what most people love about drum & bass in the first place: a soulful dubbed out groove, topped with sparse but decent vocals, while not being cheesy. Nevertheless deep, jungley subbass plays the most important part in their production. Hence the name Subz & Matik. Remarkably, in most cases it is Matik, the graduated sound engineer, adding the final touch to their basslines.

In late 2002 Basswerk label manager The Green Man (TGM) met the two guys. They booked him to do a gig on his album tour at their monthly ‘Subsonic Pressure’ night. When they played their tune “Hear Dis” during that night they hit his taste in jungle music instantly. The track was subsequently signed to Basswerk and became their first release. It came out one year later as the flipside to TGM’s “Easy” on Basswerk 21 – the record sold out. Another two years later they delivered “Dark Dub” as the flipside to Big Bud’s “Give A Little” – the record also sold out. In 2008 they contributed “Lighthouse Blues” to the “Basswerk Sessions 3” compilation. Once again a well received track, being the best-selling track of the compliation for a while on beatport.

Other labels such as Soundtrax and Fokuz signed tunes from Subz & Matik too. And when the first lady of drum & bass DJ Storm visited Kiel for a gig, she was deeply impressed by the sound of the two. Seeming quite unimpressed, Christoph Vogel and Jan Schmid-Lentzen aka Subz & Matik kept on doing business as usual. They produced more and more tunes and carried on doing their club night ‘Subsonic Pressure’. This attitude actually corresponds to the style of their music. And it is also typical for the city they hold their nights at. Kiel is situated in the very North of Germany. Over there, people are quite relaxed and don’t get too hyped about things easily.

That is, until now, because Subz & Matik they have finished their first album. It is a product of many years of work. It features 13 tracks, of which 11 are previously unreleased. Subz & Matik hardly ever try to make a hit on purpose. And therefore, the album sounds more like a good dub record in a drum & bass style – relaxed yet full of energy. The beats are in general a bit heavier and rock very well. Towards the end, the album even turns into a bit of a jungle mash-up finishing with a special VIP Edit of “Hear Dis”. However that special earthy and deep Subz & Matik vibe is kept throughout the whole recording.


01. Could We Be Wrong
02. Bright Lights
03. Glow
04. Reach Out
05. Kyoto Pressure feat. The Green Man
06. Inner Strength
07. Westwind
08. Couch Potatoe
09. Lighthouse Blues
10. Bricktop
11. Darkdub
12. Top Ranking
13. Hear Dis (VIP)

The album Subz & Matik” (Basswerk) is going to be released May 21, 2010.

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