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Tuesday, May 11 2010 | 18:01 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Sometimes processes start extremely slowly. And then they develop in an inexorable speed. This is exactly what happened during Anthony Rother’s recent album production with “Popkiller 2”. However this time-consuming phase did not even concern the musical creation process. In the past Rother focused intensively on supporting new artists and administrative label management. Almost completely forgetting what it is really about: Anthony Rother as an independent artist.

At the start of 2010 he freed himself from his last remaining existing constraints, redesigned his website and turned Datapunk into an exclusive outlet for his own material. Where the musical journey could go again in the future was revealed by the track “Big Boys” (DTPLTD.11), which was already released in Spring 2009 without a promotion drive, and featured on the new record “Fünf”.

There it was again: the very Sägezahn rocky electro style that had already united the pop world with club in an innovative way as a “Popkiller” sound in 2004. At the start of 2010, the just released “Disco Light” record (DTPLTD.12) emerged, and the Hesse born star found creative inspiration and finalised the current LP within a few weeks.

For a long time, he still debated whether the title should actually be called “Popkiller 2”. The listeners’ expectations seemed hard to meet. And yet somehow he managed to not only tie in the ten songs with the “Popkiller” spirit, but to also breathe new life into this.

The first song “Night” is already a link and constitutes the counterpoint to “Popkiller”‘s predecessor “Day” at the same time. Similarly, instrumentals such as “Cinema”, “Skyline” or “Gates” reflect Rother’s musical possibilities from sci-fi to abstract techno in an exceptionally diverse way. However, what makes “Popkiller 2” distinctive on the underground music scene are its vocal centred themes such as “Rotation”, “Mother” (as a follow-up to the Popkiller hit “Father”) or the dramatic “Grab Your Life”. Practically vocoded unfiltered, Rother goes all out with his vocals once again and convinces with melodic tracks full of emotion, raw beauty and release irrepressible energy.

Completely self-determined and artistically concentrated, with “Popkiller 2” we bear witness to an Anthony Rother who once again produces music as if he is fully free. Indeed, at the beginning the journey to get to this point almost seemed infinitely long. However, this process was also a decisive learning curve. And indeed allowed him to rethink his strengths and to categorically factor out the things he didn’t like. And then suddenly everything gains an unbelievable momentum once more.


01. Night
02. Disco Light
03. Cruising
04. Cinema
05. Big Boys
06. Skyline
07. Mother
08. Gates
09. Rotation
10. Grab Your Life

The album Anthony RotherPopkiller 2” (Datapunk) is going to be released May 28, 2010.

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