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Monday, Mar 29 2010 | 15:31 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

“Three years have gone by since the last “Elaste” compilation. In this time the virus of cosmic disco (or afrofunky as they say in Italy) has spread round the place – giving me lots of good feedback and fan letters. Thank you! I have spent these three years looking for more avantgardistic, galactic-sounding disco, proto-techno, electronic new wave, and cheesy slow motion pop … and I found it. For the third chapter of “Elaste”, I have combined a wider spectrum of what might be cosmic disco. Old mix-cassettes from the early 1980s (especially those recorded by Beppe Loda and Daniele Baldelli) have an ongoing thrill – the music is so modern, so special, rare, and far ahead of its time. Thinking about the time and the impact that they made, it’s no wonder that thousands of fans were waiting outside Discoteca Cosmic, Typhoon and other clubs to hear a surprising mix that could be anything from early German electronics to cumbia. It was surely a glorious time, DJs in Italy had the freedom to experiment with music, and the records they played. The crowd expected it – asked for it and welcomed them to play crazier than any other DJ. Hoping that you enjoy my collection I am sure we will meet somewhere in a psychedelic nightclub in this galaxy.” – Dompteur Mooner

About Dompteur Mooner

Mooner stepped into the limelight as part of Zombie Nation whose 1999 smash hit “Kernkraft 400” was signed to DJ Hell’s Gigolo label and earned worldwide chart success. As one of the most knowledgeable experts in obscure vintage electronic music, Mooner however decided to do things a little less obvious from that point on. He left Zombie Nation and founded Erkrankung durch Musique, a label dedicated to releasing leftfield electronica, from techno to experimental pop, old and new.

He is also a highly-regarded DJ, known for his unmatched record collection and bootleg edits. The psychedelic record collection of his mother definitely contributed to his style of mixing. Mooner’s sound is influenced by Italo disco b-sides, obscure Cosmic-cassettes from his young days, electro, acid, rock, punk-funk, krautrock and the Club Le Bomb wildstyle mixing. Club Le Bomb was an anti-techno-wildstyle-club and art project at the same time, which he hosted together with some collegues from the art academy. It took place in the late nineties underneath Munich downtown in a forsaken hydro-electric power plant.

Zombocombo, Mooner’s current longtime project together with Pollyester, DJ Kaput and Kitt Bang, took place every month at famous Munich night club Die Registratur and now enriches Munich’s nightlife at various locations. Topics like “Medicine Congress”, “Aerobic” or “Good vs. Evil” abrogate the usual situation of a club night. Zombocombo is an interactive party with costumes, shows and idiosyncratic dance music.

In co-operation with his wife Pollyester, Mooner just founded a new label called Love In C-Minor – a countdown edition, which stops after 10 releases. The music comes from Pollyester and friends like Ben Mono, Optimo and other artists who work on remixes.


01. Queen Samantha – Take A Chance (Dompteur Mooner Edit)
02. Eddy Trauba & M M Greco – Maccaroni Radio (Long Version)
03. Moebius – Urth
04. Riccardo Cioni & D.J.F.T. Band – Fog (Extended Mix)
05. Nacht Und Nebel – Beats Of Love
06. Tabu – Allein (New Version)
07. Conrad und Gregor Schnitzler – The Shark Eats Ice
08. Mythos – Powerslide
09. Pollyester – Beuys Boys
10. The Deep Fix – Time Centre
11. Die Gesunden – Galaxy
12. Phantom Band – Neon Man (Dompteur Mooner Edit)
13. The Pool – Jamaica Running
14. Key Of Dreams – Africa (Dub Mix)

The compilation VariousElaste Vol. 3 – Super Motion Disco” (Compost) has been released March 26, 2010.

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