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Friday, Mar 19 2010 | 18:57 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

The Underbelly are a 5 piece band from Cornwall, England, who play an edgy, melodic style of full-on deep funk. Taking influences from every sphere of music, the band blends memorable horn melodies with a tight, kicking rhythm section all mixed up with percussive breaks to keep your feet on the dancefloor, and a tune in your head. The band is made up of Luke New (sax), Richard Hume (sax & flute), Matt Taylor (guitar), Richard Voisin (bass) and Roger Luxton (drums), who between them have built up a wealth of experience in the music world.

The Underbelly formed in late 2007, and generated interest with the recording of their very first demo, which was picked up by Craig Charles and played week in and week out on his BBC6 Radio show, and featured on his BBC Radio 2 Christmas special. Following this exposure the band signed a deal with Milan-based record label Record Kicks, through which they will be releasing a 45-single featuring Roxie Ray in March 2010, followed by the release of their debut album “Seven Feet Under”, for which Craig Charles wrote the liner notes. The album blends a mix of uptempo ‘raise the roof’ instrumental funk, vocal tracks featuring upcoming Australian singer Roxie Ray (Dojo Cuts), and summery jazz/funk, aiming to fit into place on both a DJ deck and your MP3 player.

The belly licked it’s funk blown lips at the very sniff of the possibility to devour another crowd of fleshy groovers on the dance floor seasoned with the salt of thier own sweat like all the belly’s previous crowds. The Belly stretched it’s chords and flexed it’s riffs before smelling the air, “ike lambs to the slaughter”.

The Underbelly have played numerous live gigs around the UK at venues such as the Jazz / World Stage, Glastonbury Festival, Ronnie Scotts (London), The Jazz Café (London), and session work at various UK studios, and have shared the stage with such acts as Quantic, Kinny, Flevans (Tru Thoughts), The Apples and Pete Isaac (Jelly Jazz). The band will soon be out on the road to bring their energetic live show to a venue near you, so expect lots of banter, deep lip curling funk grooves, uplifting horn lines, guest performers, and lots of dancing surrounded by sweaty, smiling faces!

“The discovery of the year! Stunning. Loving the tunes to bits. Big and beefy, just how we like our funk!” Craig Charles (The Craig Charles Funk and Soul on BBC6 Music)

“Eric FM kicks ass! I’m gonna play it on the radio tomorrow!” Pete Isaac (Jelly Jazz)

“Yeah! I really like this.” Adrian Gibson (Freestyle Records)


01. Vfunk
02. Confession
03. Eric Fm
04. I Keep Heading On
05. Cold Toast
06. Re-use Me
07. I Cant Live Without You
08. Fast Track
09. Shepard’s Pie
10. Afro Beat
11. Packin’ Up
12. Red Flames
13. Funky Retro

The album Underbelly (Ft.Roxie Ray)Seven Feet Under” (Record Kicks) is going to be released April 2, 2010.

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