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Friday, Mar 12 2010 | 18:59 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Naibu presents the culmination of his projects on Horizons Music featuring tracks from “Fireflies EP” (HZN30) and the simultaneously released “Discrete EP” (HZN38) as well as some stunning exclusives. Naibu has created a collection of immense maturity for one seemingly so new to the game.

Enlisting the exceptional vocal talents of KiyomiI, Naibu commandingly conjures up visions of a new world with this masterful piece of emotive sound design on the track “Fireflies” of which seba also features with his much indemand remix. In “Worn Out” Eastern percussive elements and lush vintage keys navigate this acoustic bass-led track into deeper waters where we submerge to discover a mosaic of sonic textures. A catchy, celestial synth line compliments a swirling array of well-positioned stabs, rich pads, and clear breaks to create a well-balanced glimpse of untapped beauty in its purest form. Equal parts dancefloor-ready as it is for headphone-consumption, “Opium Lady” seduces the listener and acts as an intoxicant. An accompaniment to one’s spatial journey through surreal lands where cosmic sound effects, airy vocals, and expertly-crafted beats all harmonically coexist, this is truly music for both mind and body. “The Shrine” Entering this mystical lair, we find the presence of both the rough and the smooth as Naibu aurally constructs a dwelling for mythic beauty’s darker side.

And its this darker side that Naibu has explored with tracks of the “Discrete EP”. In Naibu’s own words “the tracks are a dark reflection of the things that can go through one’s life, the feelings put into it are very personal and subjective but the whole experience is universal. It should take you on a cold journey somewhere in a distant future, the atmosphere is sombre, the outlook slightly pessimistic but still, full of hope.”


01. Intro
02. Fireflies
03. Worn Out
04. Opium Lady
05. The Shrine (CD Version)
06. Stand By
07. Doubts
08. Discrete
09. Along
10. Far Reaches
11. Dusk
12. Along (Zero T RMX)
13. Fireflies (Seba RMX)

The album NaibuNaibu” (Horizons Music) is going to be released March 26, 2010.

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