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Monday, Mar 08 2010 | 14:36 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Anyone who can sing and strum along to the entire Beatles’ catalogue before they even reach their tenth birthday is either having a dangerously unbalanced childhood or has a super spaced-out hippie mum. And any 13 year-old who is so obsessed with 1950s rhythm & blues that they don’t even realise that they’re supposed to be choosing between Take That and Oasis – well, they’re either hopelessly unfashionable or heading someplace beyond freakdom.

This is what we know: Paucker’s artistic journey has gone on some spectacular scenic routes before he arrived where he is today: lead singer and multi-instrumentalist on his debut album “Miserable Junkie”. It’s a triumphantly outrageous mix of retro and tomorrow that an ordinary musician would never get away with. His lyrics are sharp and sincere and sometimes get right past your defences. His melodies float over a jungle of introspection and longing for an undamaged world – but still tease you to smile. In the song “Not A Nightmare” Paucker takes you on a tour of nightmare scenarios, then puts the spotlight on a broken-glass soul in the fragile “Little Princess”, before becoming the egocentric charmer in a 1960s corduroy suit in the extrovert “I Will Pay The Breakfast”.

Born in Stuttgart, Paucker and his band Triband have been tearing new party holes in clubs across Europe for years and they have just released their third studio album. Since he joined the indie-jazz group he’s been in charge of garage guitars and getting keyboards to shock, and has become a household name as a free jazz spirit that well-known artists such as Joy Denalane and Thomas D have been seeking out his brand of magic as a bassist and backing singer.

Paucker’s debut is one of those glorious moments in time that really has years and years of preparation behind it – like an Olympic sportman’s first race. At 28 years old, he has spent the whole of his life in a music training camp he devised himself. He mastered his instruments long ago and moved on to honing his skills as a songwriter and people-pleasing performer. He’s now one of those athletes who’s about to win fistfuls of gold across the board – he’s fully trained in 60s beat, psychedelic rock, indie and electro and he’s going into these games with a hyper-motivated team. But enough with the training – it’s time to bring crowds to their feet.


01. God Has Gone On Holiday
02. There She Goes
03. Sophie
04. Corny Sonng
05. No No No
06. Everyone Knows It
07. Little Princess
08. That’s Why
09. I Will Pay The Breakfast
10. Not A Nightmare
11. How It Ends
12. Again

The album PauckerMiserable Junkie” (Monohausen Records) has been released March 5, 2010.

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