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Thursday, Feb 04 2010 | 17:17 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Pressure Sounds is pleased and proud to be re-releasing this classic set. Totally re-mastered, with added bonus tracks, new artwork and graphics, the album comes once again in the sleeve that was first used on the original Santic release in the 1970ies. A stirring selection of deejay, dub, instrumental and vocal releases for producer Leonard ‘Santic’ Chin including Jah Woosh, I-Roy, Big Joe, Augustus Pablo, King Tubby, The Santic All Stars, Horace Andy, Gregory Isaacs, a.o. A classic roots album!

Jamaican youth producer Leonard ‘Santic’ Chin first arrived in the UK on the 10th of February 1974. While staying in London he compiled and released his debut long player, built around his then current successful Jamaican seven inch recordings, the classic “Harder Shade Of Black” album. Twenty-one years later “Harder Shade Of Black” was the first album to be released on Pressure Sounds. Re-titled “An Even Harder Shade Of Black” Leonard’s original ten tracks were augmented by a further stirring selection of deejay, dub, instrumental and vocal releases of the same superb vintage. Over the ensuing years “An Even Harder Shade Of Black” has proven to be one of the most consistently popular Pressure Sounds releases.

For the CD re-release Leonard has kindly allowed Pressure Sounds to use some never before seen pictures of himself and the original Santic All Stars band, the liner notes recount, in Leonard’s own words, the origins and the ways of working that produced these timeless recordings.

“Looking back now I’m thinking, in the eighties and nineties, people would spend these relentless hours voicing, dropping in, voicing, dropping in. And nobody’s happy! Doing that you have no soul! You’re just like a mechanical thing. When you hear sweet things and think it can be sweeter, but it’s sweet enough already! You become over-technical and everybody wants to be greater than they really can be. It doesn’t really happen like that. You can only be the best you can be.” Leonard Chin


01. I’ll Be Around – Gregory Isaacs
02. One Thousand Swords – Augustus Pablo
03. Harder Shade Of Black – Augustus Pablo
04. Better Shade Of Dub – Dirty Harry & Santic All Stars
05. Peace In The Valley – Roman Stewart
06. Columbo – Augustus Pablo **
07. Special Branch – Leonard Santic All Stars **
08. Pablo In Dub – Augustus Pablo
09. Hell Boat – Santic All Stars **
10. Children Of Israel – Horace Andy
11. Problems – Horace Andy
12. Lovers Mood – Augustus Pablo
13. Jah Guide – Big Joe *
14. Palace Of Peace – Santic All Stars
15. Chalice Blaze – Jah Woosh *
16. One Heavy Duba – King Tubbys & Santic All Star *
17. Yamaha Ride – I Roy *
18. Mexican Rocking – Santic All Stars **
19. I Don’t Want To Lose You – Paul Whiteman **
20. Shouldn’t Say No – Jah Woosh **
21. Santic Meet King Tubby – King Tubby & The Santic All Stars *

(* indicates CD bonus tracks – ** new bonus tracks for this 2010 CD re-issue)

The album VariousHarder Shade Of Black” (Pressure Sounds) is going to be released February 12, 2010.

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