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Friday, Jan 15 2010 | 17:40 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

More than a year in the making “From Deep Space” brings together two of the leading lights of the European drum & bass scene with Phace ready to build on the success of their 2007 debut album “Psycho” and Misanthrop ready to stamp his mark with what is undoubtedly both artists’ best work to date. Distinct, cutting-edge, deep-impact drum & bass full to the brim of mind-bending bass and sci-fi soundscapes that’s destined to blow away both home listeners and global dance floors alike.

“These guys are pushing the boundaries once again with this LP, people take note! Always got some Phace & Misanthrop in my record box, German engineering at its best.” Friction

“Drum & bass has always been at the forefront of sonic innovation in dance music, Phace and Misanthrop are currently on the frontline. An essential album not to be missed.” DJ Fresh

“From Deep Space” presents a full-force journey through state-of-the-art broken beats and sonic wizardry that will have the most ardent of tech-specialists nodding their heads in appreciation. From the downbeat excursions of the opening track “Channel Feel” and the electro workout “Generation For Sale” to the tear-out drum & bass of “You Keep On Talking”, Phace & Misanthrop demonstrate the utmost precision creating devastating beats and yet retaining a definite sense of space in their arrangements that keeps things fresh and unsparingly satisfying. On hearing tracks such as “Non Human” and “Interplay” it’s not hard to see why Phace & Misanthrop are regularly featured in DJ sets of Andy C, Noisia, Friction, Ed Rush and Optical right the way through to the likes of Alix Perez and D Bridge.

“If you’re anywhere near interested in drum & bass and the exploration of sonic logic and depth you cannot miss this album. Nobody goes where Phace and Misanthrop go.” Noisia

“With “From Deep Space” Phace & Misanthrop bring a cacophony of other-worldy sonic design coupled with unrestrained signature Neosignal future-funk, all honed to the finest detail and presented in exquisite clarity.” Spor


01. Phace – Channel Feel
02. Phace & Misanthrop – From Deep Space
03. Phace – Simplicity
04. Misanthrop – Orbit
05. Phace – Generation For Sale
06. Phace – Expectation Hurts
07. Misanthrop – Going Down Slow
08. Phace – You Keep On Talking
09. Misanthrop – Shadow
10. Phace & Misanthrop – Non Human
11. Phace – Interplay
12. Phace & Misanthrop – My Arae
13. Phace – Regenerate The Blues
14. Misanthrop – Last Transmission

The album Phace & MisanthropFrom Deep Space” (Neosignal) is going to be released February 19, 2010.

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