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Monday, Jan 11 2010 | 13:53 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Creator of the opening chords to the “Two Syllables” compilation, Kid Kanevil’s snare-snapping hip-hop breaks are a core element of the First Word sound. Straight outta Tokyorkshire, the beat banger and hat wearer is also a member of the highly rated band Stateless, whose fans include none other than DJ Shadow. Whilst influenced by US-producers such as J Dilla and Questlove, Kid Kanevil’s style remains unique with its bass heavy complex rhythms and soulful sample-work.

After the success of his latest album “17 Samurai – Kid Kanevil Remixed Vol.1”, Kid Kanevil is back. Riding into town like a hi-tec hunter-gatherer, spearing, chopping and mixing beats for his new album “Basho Basho”. Obscure Japanese film clips collide with dark video game atmospherics to create a listening experience that deserves serious attention. This isn’t background music, nor is it instantly gratifying club fodder. Rather it’s an intelligent journey into the creative mind of a truly innovative and experimental producer.

The dubstep influence is evident across the album, drawing on the twisted beats and bass favoured by the likes of Kode9, Burial and Joker, and perhaps best evidenced on the menacing “Lantern 1” and the drum driven “Megajoy / J-POP”. A RZA-esque fondness for understated, obscure classical samples is another common thread running from track to track, a result perhaps of Kid Kanevil’s original stimulus for the album: “I was watching a lot of Japanese cinema, listening to a lot of out-there, classical music, going a bit loopy really,” Kid Kanevil explains. “That was the starting point.”

Unlike his previous albums, “Basho Basho” eschews guest vocalists in favour of aquatic atmospherics on “Tintinnabuli” and skittering drums and bleeps on “The Floating World”. Meanwhile the chopped up ATCQ samples of “Minjo” and the playful Jeru Tha Damaja flip of “When Doves Bounce” pay homage to the more traditional hip-hop roots Kid Kanevil may be best known for. Finally “Yokai” provides the perfect finish for the LP, a closing track that amalgamates the sounds of its predecessors to encapsulate the feel of the album.

With a place on next year’s Red Bull Music Academy in the bag as well as remixes for Foreign Beggars, Souleance, Alice Russell and Homecut, 2010 is going to be a big year for Kid Kanevil – also look out for his incredible DJ / MPC set in a club near you soon!

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