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Friday, Dec 18 2009 | 18:07 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

7229Manchester’s Trus’me has teamed up with an all-star cast of producers and musicians for his sophomore effort “In The Red”. Really, it seems the young Mancunian has gone Detroit, as the record features the Motor City’s jazzy neo-soul stylist Amp Fiddler, Jazzanova bandleader Paul Randolph, and Mahogani Music favorite Pirahnahead. And as if that amazing cast of soulful house luminaries isn’t enough to make other producers jealous, Trus’me has also collaborated with LA’s boogie king Dam-Funk for a low-slung cover of WasNotWas’ “Wheel Me Out”.

How did you first get into music? Are you a trained musician?

I fell into music naturally, It’s hard not to living in Manchester. The history of music is so vast and wide here that you can’t help but become saturated in its roots. From the Hacienda to Stone Roses you learn to develop a wide palette of taste in music which can easily be seen in both my production and DJ style. I do have some formal training playing the saxophone and clarinet which was forced on me in my youth, but now I’m reaping the rewards for studying such instruments.

Was house music a natural progression for you and why did you decide to go that way?

I went through the genres, indie into hip-hop/jazz/soul/disco/boogie and then house. House encompasses all these genres so they you can express yourself in many styles, that’s why I love house music so much. If I could play disco all night I would but the average person can not handle it, so house is the next logical step – ha ha but there is still lashings of deep disco in my sets.

Does sampling play a big part in your production?

Sampling is essentially and idea sparker, on the first LP I didn’t have the budget to work with too many musicians etc, hence “Working Nights” was predominately this style of house. “In The Red” was the next logical step, due to the success of the first LP I could afford to work with musicians I respected to develop new ideas and interoperations of records I was planning to sample in the first place. The cover is the next thing for me, it’s the same concept as sampling but with more licence to create your own sounds and take on the original.

How do you choose your samples? Are you more into sampling short snippets, textures or loops?

It’s something that stirs the soul, you just know when you know. I tend to hear these snippets when I’m djing and like the way two records work with each other, it’s a great way of developing ideas, like when musicians Jam together. So the sample can be anything from drums to keys to vox it all adds to the texture of the track depending on what your trying to achieve.

What role does digging play in your life and has the internet changed your habits?

Diggin with friends or at friends shops always is the best source but youtube can also help as a quick reference. Although until you wack the slab of vinyl on your deck and hear the record for yourself and not through a laptop speaker then your not really discovering music how it should be done.

Manchester seems to have developed a big disco heritage over the last few years, was this an influence on you?

Going back to what I mentioned before yes disco is strong in the roots, some of the key nights in Manchester at the time of growing up “Eyes Down”, “Drama”, “Electric Chair” all pushed the real deep disco sound. Disco is just a natural love, it doesn’t get more real, the groove is unformulated you just can’t beat that on a dance floor.

After the success of your first album, was it difficult going in the studio and recording “In The Red”?

Not at all, my brain is bursting with ideas and I was psyched up to work with some of my heros. My head just does not stop, I can’t get the ideas down fast enough I’m already working on the 3rd which is a change up from this new one. I will be around for a long while yet, I can’t see my creativity drying up any time soon.

“In The Red” seems to have two distinct parts, the first is more song based where as the second is more tracky. Was this a deliberate choice and what tunes do you prefer doing?

For me I wanted to make an all round fuller produced LP. I think there is not one track without a vocal but yeah the LP again is a journey through my taste of music. I like to make an LP, not just a whole heap of tracks, I want the listener to put on the record and listen through for a full hour, a logical progression that keeps you entertained the whole way through.

Three of the songs are covers of great dance classics, why did you chose to re-do these particular tracks?

These 3 tracks are corner stones for me of each of my favourite genres, records I play time and time again. I wanted to bring something new to them, so that people with a more modern ear could appreciate them once again. The cover is the new sample for me, I will be working on this concept for some time yet.

Was “In The Red” conceived as an album or is it just a collection of tracks?

It was set out as an LP each track was created to follow the next just like “Working Night’s” and I believe this is what contributed to its success. I love the old LP style Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On” a cohesive hour of music this is what I try to have in my mind set when making an LP. Tracky music can be left for the 12″.

Everyone seems to be saying that deep house is going through a big revival at the moment. Would you agree with this and why do you think this sound which has always been around is getting more attention now?

Well for me I feel it’s the only part of house music that touches peoples soul the way disco did. It’s deep and emotional it connects with you not just like this throw away music of late. Good music will always last, it will be around in the next 10 years and come back in a popular way time and time again because it’s real and not fabricated from a laptop.

Do you also do live performances or are you mainly booked for DJ sets?

We have a Prime Numbers live edition coming soon myself Linkwood and Fudge Fingas keep your eye for this at several festivals this year as well as at

In these days of bad record sales are the gigs what keeps you going and do they encourage you to make more music?

I make very little music read into that how you will …

Trus’me new album “In The Red” (Fat City Recordings) has been released December 11, 2009.

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