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Wednesday, Dec 16 2009 | 17:29 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

7204Finally it’s time for a first label retrospective of Farside Records. 15 tracks exclusively selected and re-edited by Herb LF and Ingo Sänger. Featured are Westpark Unit, Herb LF, Matt Flores, Asli, The Offsetters, Elina Monova, and remixes by Marcus Worgull and Patchworks. The CD contains 4 bonus mp3 tracks.

Together with his Westpark Unit partner Herb LF, Ingo Sänger tries to deliver insight into the world of Farside within 60 minutes. For “Farside 1.0” they sorted out 15 tracks, edited most of the DJ-friendly club versions exclusively, and converted the package into a mixture of deep, dope and soulful CD listening experience. As a special gift the CD includes a splendid data section where you can find all full length versions of the “Farside 1.0 EP” vinyl in mp3 format. Feel free to grab the files with your PC/Mac. All newer CD players will play the files as well.

All the artists of the Farside family are involved: Matt Flores, Herb LF, Henry L, Westpark Unit, The Offsetters, and Orang Asli. Also a few friends of the family layed their remixing hands on some of the tunes. Check out the beautiful reworks of Wighnomy Brothers, Marcus Worgull or Bruno ‘Patchworks’ Hovart.

As Düsseldorf’s Matt Flores is internationally in the focus of labels like Third Ear, Compost Black or Combination, to name but a few, he not only shows his deep house skills (“Tectonic Move”) on “Farside 1.0”, but also his affinity for booming slow house tunes (“Lapad”), and his dub roots. One of the highlights on the compilation is the Radio Rockers version of Matt Flores’ extraordinary collaboration with Jamaican singer Singer Jay on “Nice Day”. Check the house dub in the bonus mp3 section.

Cologne based Henry L is the rising star in the deep house world. His moniker Henree might also be familiar to the drum&bass heads out there. This guy has the perfect groove, always with a disco and funk vibe (“Wake Up”). We are proud to additionally present the beautiful Marcus Worgull (Innervisions) dub of Henry L’s “The Other Day At The Basement”. Don’t forget to check Henry L’s brand new Detroit-ish bonus tune “Pause”. Bomb!

Herb LF is presenting his biggest hit to date (“Sunliner”) in a special radio edit. Feel the sub bass and the brilliant hook of this monster tune. Herb’s “Fruchtalarm” was remixed by Gabor ‘Robag Wruhme’ Schablinzki of Wighnomy Brothers fame. Gabor reworked the track into an extraordinary jazz house tune. St. Germain meets minimal. Jazz! Herb LF’s teamwork with female singer Elina Monova brings us the early-90s-inspired downbeat version of “Set Me Free”. What a beautiful tune! A bouncing house dub is hidden in the mp3 section.

The duo Westpark Unit aka Herb LF and Farside’s Ingo Sänger explores the funk within deep house with their biggest hit “Jeepah” and the bonus tune “Feel This! Dub”. “Blaxrotation Suite Mix” is a slow percussion groover while their “Love Ritual” remix of the french duo The Offsetters is a deep monster tune. Expect also some live disco/funk vibes in the rework of Westpark Unit’s “Stoned Love” by French musician Patchworks. Magic!

Last but not least “Springsequence” of Icelandic artist Asli is one of the most beautiful house tunes that saw the light via Farside Records to date.


01. Westpark Unit – Jam Hot Intro
02. Henry L – Wake Up
03. Herb LF – Sunliner
04. Matt Flores – Lapad
05. Westpark Unit – Blaxrotation Suite Mix
06. Elina Monova – Set Me Free (Herb LF Slow-Down Mix)
07. The Offsetters – Love Ritual (Westpark Unit Dub)
08. Herb LF – Fruchtalarm (Wighnomys Obstkokktailie)
09. Westpark Unit – Stoned Love (Patchworks Remix)
10. Matt Flores – Nice Day feat. Singer Jay (Rockers Radio Mix)
11. Herb LF – City Rush Boogie Dub w/ Matt Flores
12. Westpark Unit – Jeepah
13. Henry L – The Other Day At The Basement (Marcus Worgull’s Flugskompensator Dub)
14. Matt Flores – Tectonic Move (Flores & Sänger Dub)
15. Asli – Springsequence
Enhanced CD (MP3 / Data)
16. Henry L – Pause
17. Westpark Unit – Feel This! Dub
18. Herb LF w/ Elina Monova – Set Me Free (Dub)
19. Matt Flores – Nice Day feat. Singer Jay (Rockers Dub)

The compilation VariousFarside 1.0” (Farside Records) is going to be released January 29, 2010.

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